Zway: It was a great initiative in Zway Don Bosco as the different schools of Don Bosco came together for a quiz competition involving students from five schools: DB Mekenissa, Adamitullu, Zway, Dilla, MHOC Zway.  The event witnessed an enthusiastic participation of several students and teachers from the various centers who made it a point to be present at the occasion to encourage their students.  

Debrezeit: On 26 February, 2017 a group of 22 girls from the informal course of Hair-dressing graduated themselves in level 1, making thus a historical moment for Don Bosco Debrezeit as this will be the first group that will appear for the COC exam.  

Rome: Abba Hailemariam Medhin, hailing from the province of AET, Ethiopia has made waves in the Salesian Pontifical University - Rome with his well-appreciated Doctoral thesis defense on 13, December 2016.

Addis Abeba: On 13 December, 2016 was held the first meeting of all the vocation promoters of AET province at the Salesianum in Addis Abeba. The meeting of was convened by Abba Luan the Vocation

Addis Abeba: The course of Quinquennium has begun this morning at Salesianum in Addis Abeba. The course is organised by the Formation Department for the new priests of the AET province.  The course is fully organised by Fr. Chrys Saldana who is a resource person in the province.  

Shire: The Ethiopian Nation and Nationalities' Day was celebrated in Don Bosco School Shire with great color and pomp.  Even though the real day of the feast was on 8 December, it was anticipated to be on

Addis Abeba: It has already become a tradition for few years now that the Bosco children celebrate their b'day on the Feast of Immaculate Conception on Dec. 8.  

Zway: It was really a moment of get-together for the entire Salesian family as they gathered at Zway Don Bosco for the tri-monthly retreat of the first semester.  The retreat was scheduled for 30-31 December, even though everyone could not arrive for 30th.  

Mekelle: The community of Don Bosco Mekelle had a beautiful moment of the Feast day celebrations of Immaculate Conception on Saturday 10th December 2016 together with the religious communities in Mekelle.  

Mekanissa: After almost two years of intense work, the new administrative block of Mekanissa is ready for inauguration.  The new block had been sponsored by the Caritas of Switzerland

AET meets for Rectors’ Meeting in Gothara

Addis Abeba: All the Rectors of AET province along with the provincial met for the meeting of the...

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Week-long retreat ends in Gola

Adigrat: The week-long retreat in Adigrat came to a beautifulRetreat conclusion on 03 July 2016...

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Graduation in Don Bosco Makelle

Makelle: Don Bosco Technical College of Mekelle had the joy of the graduation of about 117...

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Graduation in Hair-dressing at Debrezeit

Debrezeit: It was indeed a great day of joy and achievement for the community of Debrezeit as 21...

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Meeting of Salesian Bullettin Editors in Rome

Rome: In 1877 Don Bosco thought about printing a publication that was destined to last over time....

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