The AET Province has five parishes at the moment.  All of our parishes are vibrant and youth friendly as any other Salesian parish in any part of the Salesian world.  All the parishes in the province are well taken care of and are coordinated under the Youth Ministry Department by Abba Aristide who is also currently the Rector of the house at Gambella and the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's parish in Gambella.  Each of the five parishes have a parish priest appointed by the local bishop and approved by the Provincial.  

The five parishes are:

  2. ZWAY
  4. ADWA

AET meets for Rectors’ Meeting in Gothara

Addis Abeba: All the Rectors of AET province along with the provincial met for the meeting of the...

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Week-long retreat ends in Gola

Adigrat: The week-long retreat in Adigrat came to a beautifulRetreat conclusion on 03 July 2016...

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Graduation in Don Bosco Makelle

Makelle: Don Bosco Technical College of Mekelle had the joy of the graduation of about 117...

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Graduation in Hair-dressing at Debrezeit

Debrezeit: It was indeed a great day of joy and achievement for the community of Debrezeit as 21...

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Meeting of Salesian Bullettin Editors in Rome

Rome: In 1877 Don Bosco thought about printing a publication that was destined to last over time....

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