Rome: A seminar has begun yesterday, Monday 16 April, for the leaders and operators of the Salesian Missionary Offices, the Planning and Development Offices, the foundations and other Salesian Organizations involved in communication activities, funds and promotion of development.  The theme of the seminar is digital marketing, "Technology at the service of the mission" the chosen motto. At the seminar, held until next Saturday, April 21, at the "Fraterna Domus" of Sacrofano, near Rome, 65 people participate, representing NGOs and structures of the Salesian Family of all five continents. 

In the first working session the basics of digital interaction and the basics to develop a digital marketing program were examined: from the analysis of the ease of navigation of the institutional website, to the reading of the statistics on their web visitors, to digital campaigns. dedicated to specific projects ...

The same these was discussed in the second session of the seminar, in which the most evolved resources and tools currently available were examined, with reference also, but not only, to the use of social networks.  In the morning session of today's second day, the work focuses on how to develop adequate fundraising strategies, while in the afternoon focuses on 5 practical advice, aimed at coordinating in the best possible way the wide range of communication, marketing and promotion activities that various realities already traditionally contemplate.

On the third and fourth day of work, the opportunities to work together will be discussed - taking also for example development agencies and structures with similar characteristics and dimension to the salesian network - and the advantages deriving from collective work will be illustrated.  In this way we will proceed to identify proposals and programs on which we can work together; a list of priority initiatives and possibilities will be created and a roadmap will be set up to implement an increasingly integrated and effective service between the various companies.  In an increasingly "competitive" context between NGOs and associative realities, and increasingly mediated by digital technologies, being able to seize the maximum from available resources becomes a fundamental factor in order to benefit the most needy children and young people on the planet.  Brother Cesare Bullo, the PDO director, Abba Lijo Vadakken the delegate for Social Communications and Mr. Surafel the staff of PDO are attending the 4 days meeting in Rome.  

"It is not enough to do good, we must do it well", says a famous proverb. The salesian network is working to do it at its best.  

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