Mekanissa – Addis Abeba: The SYM gathering for the province of AET was organized from 11 to 13 July at Bosco Children center, Mekanissa.  The event saw the active participation of over 300 young people gathered from the various Salesian houses of the province.  The Salesian province of AET in the corn of Africa comprising of the entire country of Ethiopia was begun in 1975 and has at the moment 14 Salesian presences catering to thousands of young people all over the country. 

The SYM gathering was aimed at the animators of the various oratories, making it possible for the young people to meet together, share the best practices of their oratories and plan for the future initiatives.  The FMA sisters too participated in the event bringing their own contribution through the active and agile involvement of the girls.  There were several program organized for the youth like the input sessions, quiz program, inter-oratory tournaments, prayer sessions etc.  The gathering had the theme of the strenna, “Sir, give me this water”.  A new song in Amharic on Don Bosco was composed for the occasion and all the oratories were asked to prepare choreography for the song.  All the oratories prepared also a drama on the theme of the strenna which was really impressive as the young people put all their efforts in The event concluded on a positive note as the young people returned to their respective oratories with lots of enthusiasm and a spirit of initiative. 

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