Mekelle: Ethiopians and Eritreans have been celebrating the reopening of two key crossing points more than 20 years after a border war shut them.  Hundreds of people from the two countries hugged each other and some wept as their leaders led celebrations to mark the reopening.  The same was the feelings also for the Salesians as the confreres from Eritrea visited the house of Makelle in Ethiopia on 15 September 2018. 

The meeting was a very cordial one as the confreres met with the provincial of Ethiopia, Don Estifanos Gebremeskel and Brother Cesare Bullo along with other confreres of the community of Makelle. The group consisted of two perpetually professed confreres, three priests and Abba Petros Abraha, who is the superior of the delegation.  “This is a home-coming for us, we are so moved and touched to see these places which has lot of emotional attachment for us” said Abba Petros, who leads the Eritrean delegation at this moment.  The two countries had been together as a single province, but due to the tensed political situations, the countries had been separated a few years ago, leaving Ethiopia to be a single province of AET and Eritrea directly under the Generalate at Rome.  Even though not really sure as regards the future mingling of the two countries to form a single province, the political re-joining has evoked a sense of excitement of joy and jubilation among the people and especially among the confreres of the two countries.  The re-joining of the two countries has coincided with the Ethiopian New Year, adding to the festive atmosphere in the country.

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