The Training period of the new candidates to the Salesian Congregation is generally termed as the Period of formation.  In the Salesian Circles, this period of formation is divided into two main groups.  Initial Formation and On-going formation.  

Initial Formation

The young and growing province of AET has vibrant formation stages.  At present, the various formation stages, except the Theological studies are done within the province itself.  At the moment there are more than 30 professed Salesians in various stages of Initial Formation, without counting those in the Aspirantate and the Pre-novitiate.  


The stages of initial formation are:

- Aspirantates - We have four Aspirantate at the moment: Mekelle, Adwa, Zway, Soddo.

- Pre-novitiate - The Pre-novitiate is situated at Mekanissa Bosco Children. 

- Novitiate - The Novitiate is situated at Debrezeit

- Post-Novitiate - The Post-novitiate is situated at Adigrat. The students follow a two year program of Philosophy at the Catholic Major Seminary of Adigrat.

Practical Training - The young salesians are given a possibility of exercising the preventive system in action as they are assigned to the various communities of the province for a period of minimum two years.  

 Theology/Specialization - Depending upon Brotherhood or Priesthood the choice is made.  Those following the priesthood go for a four year period of Theology either in Kenya, Israel or Rome. Those following the brotherhood might be sent for their specialization depending on their aptitude and the need of the province. 

On-going Formation

The process of formation is a never ending reality, and therefore, the stage which follows the so called Initial Formation is longer and lasts the whole life time of a Salesian. In this particular period of formation, the Salesian (Coadjutor or Priest) continues his studies his studies, reflection and qualifications. Mostly the candidates are doing their studies on subjects related to Education, Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy.  At the moment in AET there are number of confreres who are doing their further studies in Italy, France, Israel, and Kenya.   

The Formation Commission

Fr. Apostoli Isidoro

Fr. Laventure Ignacio

Fr. Sebhat Hadgu

Fr. Baraki Weldegebriel

Fr. Fissehatsion Andemariam

Br. Teodros Berhe

                          For further contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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