The pastoral work carried out by the Catholic Church on behalf of youth is what is called youth ministry.  Youth ministry in the catholic circles is a special concern for the welfare of youth. Certainly, as the times change, the focus on ministry has moved from a very static and liturgy based ministry to a more dynamic and people centered ministry.  In the same way, the Salesian Congregation dedicates all its energies and resources to the education and evangelization of youth, and therefore in so doing the Salesians use a particular way of educating young people called the ‘Preventive System’, which is based on ‘reason’, ‘religion’ and ‘loving-kindness’. One of the main scopes of this method of education and evangelization is the integral formation of the young person in order to make of him/her a ‘good Christian and an honest citizen’, according to the vision of St John Bosco.

The Salesian youth ministry in Africa is of recent history. In most of the African countries, the Salesian presence is not older than 30 years, with exception of South Africa and Congo D.R (former Zaire).  In AET Vice-province, the Salesian youth ministry started in 2000, and ever since it has grown into what is today: a powerful expression of the love of God for the young people through the intervention of the Church.  The Salesian Youth Ministry in AET province unfolds its activities in parishes, youth centers and oratories, technical schools and outreach programs for less privileged children. With the cooperation of lay people, the Salesian community reaches out to good number of youngsters who undergo a significant behavioral change through the education they receive.   At the provincial level there are some big moments of celebration which helps young people share their lives and faith through various encounters. These encounters are organized in such a way that they bring young people and Salesians together in journeys of music, sports, and lots of joy and prayer. The participation of the Salesian sisters and the youngsters they work with is remarkable.


Youth Ministry Delegate:   Fr. Lijo Vadakkan SDB

Vocation Animator:                Fr. Joseph Luan

Schools:  Academic:               Br. Dagmawi Berhane

               Technical:              Mr. Alemseged Berhane

Oratory-Youth Center:            Fr. Samuel Abraha

Parishes:                               Fr. Marcandalli Aristide

Youth at Risk:                        Fr. Yohannes Mengistu

Volunteers:                            Fr. Ignacio Laventure

For further contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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