Addis Abeba: Taking into consideration, the challenges faced by irregular migrants, mainly the youths, with the fund secured from CEI/VIDES, the Salesians of Don Bosco in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Catholic Secretariats

and the Dioceses of Addis Abeba, Meki, Adigrat and Gambella have launched a national program that aims to contribute to the reduction of youths entering into irregular migration in all its schools, communities, and Youth Centers. SDB Planning and Development Office (PDO) is working towards reducing the rate of irregular migration and the involvement in human trafficking. Currently, Human Trafficking is an issue of global concern. Salesians of Don Bosco, where most of the activities are involved with the young people, are working on creating and raising awareness among the potential target youths. It is indicated that individual characteristics such as gender, socio-economic status, education, employment, and personal aspirations may be related to an individual’s likelihood of being trafficked.

On the basis of this given fact, it is the current socio-economic, political and cultural problems which have forced to human trafficking in the contemporary period. Despite the high risk of irregular migration, people, especially the young people are still irregularly migrating, where many of them end up in the hands of human traffickers. These people still choose to migrate and risk death than stay at home and try to look the opportunities that they have in their own country. Salesians of Don Bosco in addition to showing the dangers and consequences of irregular migration and human trafficking is also sensitizing the target groups, in a way which is possible to help them to bring behavioral changes on their work habits in their own country. A National Conference "Stop Human Trafficking" was organized at the Salesianum in Addis Abeba (21 -22 November, 2016) in the presence of so many eminent guests, including His Eminence Cardinal Brehane Yesus, Mons.

Luigi Bianco the Nuncio Apostolic in Addis Abeba, Bp. Tesfaselassie Medhin from the Eparchy of Adigrat, Bp. Abraham Desta from the Vicariate of Meki, and many other representatives of various embassies, NGOs, and many other invited guests. The Conference began with a prayer led by Cardinal Brehane Yesus, which was followed by words of Introduction by Mr. Antonio Raimondi. After his words of Introduction Br. Cesare Bullo gave his words of welcome to all the invited guests. Some of the interventions of the opening day were, presentation by Don Leonardo Di Mauro, representative of CEI, Sr. Giovanna Montagnoli FMA (VIDES Italia), interventions by Mons. Tesfaselassie Medhin, Mons. Abraham Desta, Abba Tesfaye Petros from Gambella, Ato Bekele Moges from ECS etc. There was also a presentation on Concepts of Irregular Migration/Push & Pull Factors of Migration by Ato Abera Tibebu Addis Abeba University, Display of the PSA & the Documentary Film by the Epic Media. On 22 November, the second day of the Seminar was dedicated to the presentation of the delegates from the various diocese as to the implementation of the project in the respective dioceses. The Seminar is said to answer some of the urgent needs of the youth in Ethiopia, especially in the context of Human Trafficking and illegal migration in Ethiopia, the second largest populated country in the African continent.

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