The Salesians of Don Bosco usually known as SDB are a religious society of the Catholic Church dedicated to the education and evangelization of youth.  Its founder St. John Bosco left them a legacy of love and dedication for the poor and the working class.  On the 18 December 1859, St. John Bosco officially started the Salesian Congregation after reading the "Letter of Approval of the Salesian Constitutions". The works of the oratories, school and youth centers has spread ever since from Italy to most regions and countries in Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa. 

The Salesians of Don Bosco began work in Ethiopia since 1975. The Salesians of Don Bosco have a well established presence in five regions of Ethiopia, which are Tigray Regional State – Adigrat, Adwa, Mekelle,  Shire; Gambella Regional State, Gambella and Pugnido, in Southern Nations National People Regional State, Soddo and Dilla town; Oromia Regional State Zway, Adamitulu and Debre Zeit  and in Addis Ababa City Administration.

The mission of the Salesians is to address the needs of the youth and to meet their basic needs. In the light of this mission, education is the key to prepare young people for their lives. Consequently the organization is running kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) colleges. SDB had implemented and continue to implement a wide range of programs and activities on education which includes technical and vocational trainings, street children programs, agriculture, women’s promotion, feeding programs, and youth focused activities in their youth centers, sponsorship programs, intense awareness raising programs on HIV/AIDS, human trafficking and other emergency programs. 

The Salesian Province of Mariam Kidane Mehret (AET) came into existence in September 1998 even though the Salesians were already present in Ethiopia since 1975. From the humble beginnings that it had  43 years ago, this Province has grown to be an inspiring reality in the East African Region. At the moment, the Ethiopian province has more than 100 members residing in over 14 houses spread all over the country, trying to reach out to the poorest of the poor. They become messengers of hope and courage to the thousands and thousands of poor young people realized through their Mission Centers (3), Parishes (5), Technical Schools (6), Youth Centers (13), Primary and Secondary Schools (13) and Street children centers (2).  Besides at the level of the province there is a well-established mission procure and PDO (Planning Development Office) at the service of the Province of AET.


AET meets for Rectors’ Meeting in Gothara

Addis Abeba: All the Rectors of AET province along with the provincial met for the meeting of the...

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Week-long retreat ends in Gola

Adigrat: The week-long retreat in Adigrat came to a beautifulRetreat conclusion on 03 July 2016...

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Graduation in Don Bosco Makelle

Makelle: Don Bosco Technical College of Mekelle had the joy of the graduation of about 117...

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Graduation in Hair-dressing at Debrezeit

Debrezeit: It was indeed a great day of joy and achievement for the community of Debrezeit as 21...

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Meeting of Salesian Bullettin Editors in Rome

Rome: In 1877 Don Bosco thought about printing a publication that was destined to last over time....

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