Technical Schools

This section under youth ministry is headed by Mr. Alemseged in collaboration with the Youth Ministry delegate. The Technical Schools had been always coordinated by a Salesian in the past but for the past one year this sector has seen a lay collaboration. The experience has been evaluated to be positive. There are six Technical schools in the province namely: Adwa, Mekelle, Mekanissa, Dilla, Gambella, Bosco Children. All of them are trying their best in providing quality service to the young people in spite of the various challenges faced in each center. In collaboration with the PDO several projects have been implemented in our Technical centers and we have increased a number of stake-holders in recent past like VIS, GIZ, SIMS, San Zeno, IVECO, Mesfin Engineering, Austrian Development Corporation etc. just to name a few. It is certainly to be appreciated that there has been a great amount of work done in the recent years in the field of Sustainable energy through ‘Solar campaign’ and tackling the Illegal migration through ‘Human Trafficking Campaign’.

There are six Technical schools in the province namely:

  • 1. Adwa
  • 2. Mekelle
  • 3. Mekanissa
  • 4. Bosco Children
  • 5. Dilla
  • 6. Gambella


The TVET College of Adwa is a well-established college in the northern part of Ethiopia, in the region of Tigray. The college has around 400 students and offers courses in Building Construction, Electricity and Machining. Added to these, the college also offers short term trainings in Solar and Tailoring.


The TVET College of Makelle is one of the most appreciated colleges of the Tigray region and has a very good record of training great number of students every year. At this moment the college has about 600 students and the college offers trainings in Machining and Automotive. Under the Automotive, it has three branches namely: Auto Electricity, Engine and Power steering. Added to this the college has begun short tern training in Tailoring as there is a great demand for it in the region.


The TVET College of Bosco Children in Addis Ababa, is well-known for the short term trainings that it offers for young people. At the moment the college has a strength of 120 students. The college offers several non-formal trainings such as: Leather works, Tailoring, Automotive, Agricultural machines, Woodwork, Electronics, Basic electricity, mobile maintenance, hair dressing, metal manufacturing, food preparation and theatrical art.


The Catholic TVET College of Mekanissa inspite of the several challenges faced by the college is trying to offer a great service to the young people of the locality. At the moment there are nearly 200 students registered in the college and the college is offering formal trainings in three departments namely: Metal Manufacturing and Machining, Basic Electrical installation and Motor Control and Printing and Graphics. Compared to the first two fields, the third field of study – Printing and Graphics is comparatively a new field. Added to these formal trainings the college also offers short term trainings in all these three departments.


The TVET College of Gambella, in the south west region of Ethiopia, is a unique service we are offering to the people of the region. The TVET College has around 160 students and is offering courses in several fields like: ICT and Automotive. The college also offers short term trainings in Solar, Agriculture and woodwork. In the future the college is planning to expand its field of service by opening formal courses in Accounting and Secretarial courses.


Dilla technical college is one of the oldest in the region and is at the moment in a period of transition. Though there are many challenges faced by the college, it is offering a good service to the people of the locality by offering several trainings both formal and informal. At the moment the college offers formal training in Electricity, metal manufacturing and carpentry. It also offers informal trainings in Solar and Tailoring.

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