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SYM Gathering held at Mekelle and Zway

Zway: It was indeed a great moment of joy and integration for the entire youth of the oratories of the North and South as two SYM gatherings were held in the province in the month of April and May.  The visit of Youth Ministry delegate to the various oratories of the province prior to the SYM gathering made the ground ready for such a get-together.  

 The SYM 2017 had as its theme, “We are a Family”.  The SYM of the north was held at Makelle from 28 – 30 April that saw the wide participation of more than 90 young people who came from the various houses in the north.  The presence of FMA Adwa also added a special flavor to the whole gathering.  There were invited speakers like Abba Mussie Dory, Abba Teum Berhe, Abba Samuel Abreha, and Vol. Bruno Minini who also gave special sessions to the young people which was very much appreciated by everyone.  Similar gathering of SYM in the south was held at Zway from 5 – 7 May.  The event gathered together a total of more than 180 young people who had gathered from the various houses of the south.  The two FMA houses of Dilla and Zway were also present for the gathering.  In the south too there were eminent speakers like Abba Groum SJ, Sr. Aigena FMA and the others who came to take sessions for young people.  The Inter-Oratory matches, Quiz competitions, Group sharing, and many other sessions made the SYM active and participative.  The “Best Oratory Cup” of the year was won by FMA Adwa in the north and SDB Gambella in the south.  

Published:     20-05-2017

Conclusion of Meeting of Rectors and Administrators in Addis

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - May 2023 – The two-day meeting of Rectors and Economers concluded in Addis Ababa on 11th May 2023. The first day of the meeting was destined only for the Rectors as they discussed the priorities of the province for the year 2023 and certain inputs were offered on the animation of the Rector and the youth ministry activities in our communities. The second day saw the participation of all the Economers of the various houses. This meeting was a very special one, as it was the first after 3 years wherein all the confreres came together for a meeting in Salesianum after the C-19 period and the conflicts in the Tigray region. All in all, there were more than 28 participants at the meeting. There was also a panel discussion with all the various offices at the PDO headed by Brother Cesare Bullo, the executive director. It was a fruitful time as it allowed all the members to discuss and find a way forward in the various animations of the province. The two-day event concluded with the Eucharistic celebration in the evening, which also witnessed the Perpetual Profession of Cl. Diriba, who would be heading to Manila for his theological studies.

Published:     11-05-2023

Nine new salesians for AET

Debrezeit: it was a moment of great joy and jubilation for the province of AET. Ethiopia as nine young youngsters professed their first vows in front of the Provincial of AET, Fr. Hailemariam Medhin.   it was definitely a great boost for the vice-province as it had to pass through several moments of trial in the past one year due to the political instability of the country, in which Salesians as a vice province were also affected quite a bit.  

However, the Religious Profession of the nine novices gives new hope and encouragement to the vice province as in Ethiopia it is entering into new year 2015 according to the Ethiopian Calendar.  The novices after their profession will be proceeding to various houses for their year of practical training as situations in the northern part of the country is still unstable and the novices are not in a position to continue their philosophical studies.  We continue to pray through the intersection of Don Bosco for peace all over the world  and in a special way peace in Ethiopia. 

Published:     08-09-2022

A year of war in the north: 7 million need aid

 The armed conflict in the Tigray region between the Ethiopian army and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has turned one year old, amid a profound humanitarian crisis. Bombing in the area in the past two weeks has increased the number of civilian deaths and further isolated the area, where more than 400,000 people are starving. The 17 Salesian missionaries distributed in the four presences in the area - in Macalle, Adigrat, Shire, and Adua - are doing well, even if with little communication with the outside world, and continue to help the population with the few means at their disposal.

"Seven million people need help to survive in the north of the country, in Tigray, Amhara and Afar." This is the desperate cry of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs one year after the start of the fighting. It is estimated that so far, the conflict has caused thousands of deaths, two million internally displaced persons, and more than 100,000 refugees in Sudan.

Acute malnutrition is increasing every day, and not just among children. Almost half of the pregnant and lactating women suffer from acute malnutrition due to the lack of health care because of the large number of destroyed hospitals. According to the UN, the famine generated by the war could kill 100,000 children in the coming months, when three out of four people will not have access to food.

International organizations are also hindered in their work. Most are banned from entering conflict zones; others have seen their members expelled and still others have left the country due to widespread insecurity.

The lack of fuel is another problem for the transport of emergency aid in the Tigray region, and in fact only part of the aid has reached its destination. With the closure of the banks and the lack of money, the population does not have access to basic products for daily consumption.

The Salesians continue to accompany the population and distribute the aid they receive little by little from the country's capital in the midst of a "desperate and critical situation." Overall, they are helping around 8,000 families, paying special attention to mothers and malnourished children. The latest news from the Salesians in Addis Ababa report that their confreres in the conflict areas are doing well, despite the worsening of the situation in recent weeks.

“The need for Food is increasing every day and any help that arrives will save the lives of many starving and malnourished people. We are grateful for the solidarity received from Salesian circles all over the world, with the hope and prayer that peace may finally prevail,” the Sons of Don Bosco affirm.

In a similar scenario, "Misiones Salesianas", the Salesian Mission Office of Madrid, is relaunching its "Ethiopia Emergency" campaign to provide the population with essential aid through Salesian channels.

Published:     08-05-2022

Millions of people are in danger: Appeal to humanity

526 days have passed since a fratricidal war began to stain the Ethiopian land with blood. Although recently, after many requests, a humanitarian truce was finally granted for the delivery of relief supplies to the exhausted population in the Tigray region, the situation of the people remains critical, as the pace of deliveries, in the face of the total blockade of all basic services in this time frame, is absolutely insufficient.

Food, medicines, access to banking services, the possibility of receiving salaries, communication with the outside world, supply of goods in supermarkets, freedom of movement ... are all the goods and rights that have been brutally suspended in the region since the outbreak of the war, they denounce from the Eparchy of Adigrat, which also covers the Tigray Region.

A war which, moreover, has also entailed all kinds of atrocities and abuses against the civilian population: massacres, gender violence and war rapes, looting and arson of property, homes, places of worship, economic activities, health, educational and cultural institutions... About 1.7 million children have been deprived of access to education throughout this time, generating damage that will not be compensated in any way.

Shocking images of crimes against humanity have also recently circulated through social networks, showing some prisoners of war being burned alive. Although it is up to the international authorities to verify and attribute responsibility, the circulation of such scenes alone is in itself shocking and horrifying.

The humanitarian needs in the region of Tigray are enormous and the entire population is affected: even many professionals who in the past had contributed to the development of the entire country are now reduced to hunger and forced to beg to survive a famine induced by human hands and easily preventable diseases.

Women, children, the elderly, and people of all backgrounds are dying every minute because they are deprived of their sacrosanct rights to life and basic services, and because of the failure to provide meaningful and proportionate access to life-saving humanitarian aid.

Faced with this terrifying reality, the Catholic Church in Tigray condemns all atrocities and crimes and demands: unrestricted access to humanitarian aid; that all suspended services and rights be allowed back in Tigray and other regions where they are needed; the withdrawal of armed forces from Tigray and the return of all displaced persons to their homes; and finally, peaceful dialogue to bring this fratricidal war to an end.

Without swift action by the entire international community, the lives of millions of people in Tigray will remain on the brink of death.

Source: Eparchy of Adigrat

Published:     07-06-2022

New Website for Bosco Children

The "Don Bosco Children" work in Addis Ababa is a concentration of initiatives and activities aimed exclusively at the integral care of young people in need. To make this work more visible and known, for the benefit of the Salesian mission there, the institution's website has recently been created and launched: https://boscochildren.com 

The center, directed by Ethiopian Salesian Yohannes Menghistu, offers prevention and rehabilitation programs for street children, or better yet, as the subtitle at the opening of the site's homepage declaims, "a place where street children get their opportunity to thrive in a new and better life."

At the center, the Salesians provide food, shelter, clothing, and all basic necessities to about 100 youths every day.

The first step for children entering the center's assistance program is the "Come and See" project. At their most vulnerable stage, these young people have a very low level of trust and indeed distrust others. Therefore, after the center's Economer, Fr.  Angelo Regazzo, a Salesian missionary for decades in Ethiopia, meets them every day and picks them up in his minibus on the streets of Addis Ababa, the initial proposal is just to start an approach path in which the boys begin to get to know Salesians and volunteers and the various activities, while slowly a whole new world opens up for them that offers the possibility of a new and better life.

Furthermore, the "Come and See" journey moves along two paths: on the one hand, academic and life coaching aimed at improving basic academic knowledge and using the preventive system to improve behavior. This phase of the program involves teaching good hygiene, other daily living skills, and social skills.

On the other, it is accompanied by agricultural education sessions, which with a hands-on approach allow street children and youth to work on the land they know and learn the basics of farming and animal care. And while these activities keep them all busy, it also improves their well-being and self-esteem.

Subsequently, those who have begun to like the prospect of Salesian education can become part of the institutional program of care for young people: with the help of various professionals and social workers, and after a period of orientation, they are offered, as needed, formal schooling or informal education, hospitality, rehabilitation, psychological care, medical examinations, family reunification, until, then, family reintegration-where possible-or social reintegration, with accompaniment that continues even after the young person leaves the center's programs.

The heart of "Don Bosco Children" is its Vocational Training Center, which, with its different courses of study - Automotive, Electrical Installation, Metalworking, Leatherwork, Hotel Courses, Carpentry, and recently also Tailoring - initiates the recovered youth toward a future of professional skills, decent work, human and social affirmation.

At Don Bosco Children, nothing is left to chance and everything is used to improve the quality of what is offered in favor of street kids. One example: even the droppings of the farm animals are put to good use with a biogas recovery project, which, together with another sustainable energy project through photo-voltaics, allows the community to save resources to invest in Education, Health, Vocational Training, and Development Projects in favor of the “buoni monelli, or good rascals” as Fr. Regazzo is wont to call them.

All this and much more can be found and learned about by visiting the new website: https://boscochildren.com

Published:     09-08-2022

Green Club activities in Don Bosco Gambella

Don Bosco students are always smart in everything and everywhere. Gambella is a small region in the South west of Ethiopia with a population of less than 500,000 people and the inhabitants of this region are belonging to several tribal groups of which the Agnuak and Nuer are the majority. The Salesians of Don Bosco has been functioning for more than 20 years in the region. Don Bosco Catholic School is a well-known school of the region which caters to more than 800 students from grade 1 up to grade 10 and has a good name in the region for providing quality education through quality management, quality teachers and quality infrastructure. The GREEN CLUB has been in function for more than three years but of late has taken very active role in conscientising the people about the need of a healthy environment to live in. Two days were selected for cleaning the town and all the students of the Green Club enthusiastically went about the town clearing all the plastic covers, plastic bottles papers, carton wastes and so many other materials that are littered in the town. Definitely it was an eye-opener for the municipal management too, who have pledged to take measures to keep up the cleanliness of the town and keep going the good work started by Don Bosco students. The students also wore the T-shirts with the caption ‘EARTH FIRST’.

Published:     06-07-2022

Solidarity and sport, Fiona May's bond with the missions in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: Children, teens, the young need to be given ample freedom to play, run, jump and play sports. The Salesian missionaries are well aware of this in 134 countries of the world, people who bring forth the preventive system of Don Bosco, the Salesian educational method that, among its many applications, places activities related to education and those related to sharing moments of play and sports on the same level, effective means to promote physical and spiritual health, to promote effort and commitment on various fronts, to foster balanced growth and sociality.

Educating is not just transferring notions and educating: educating is awakening, stimulating, promoting. Today, in the thousands of missions around the world, the Salesian educational system accustoms the youngest to confront each other and to grow, it helps them to read themselves to face their future in a determined way that is far from poverty, from the street, from hunger.

As a sportswoman, former world long jump champion, mother of two talented young athletes, Fiona May, testimonial of the Salesian Mission Office of Turin Missioni Don Bosco, has for years believed in sport as a fundamental tool for the growth of girls and boys. Sport for Fiona: “means challenging oneself and respecting others, it means commitment and determination, having team spirit, ability to relate and manage defeat.”

And it is with these words and this spirit that a year and a half ago the testimonial of Missioni Don Bosco chose to combine solidarity and sport. She decided to leave for her first missionary journey to Mekanissa, a Salesian mission in the poor neighborhood of Addis Ababa. There, in the Don Bosco Center, a home for over 400 street children, between a visit, a lesson with the children, a chat with Father Angelo Regazzo, a Salesian missionary, Fiona played with dozens of young people from the Center, she taught them the basics of long jump, followed their days in sports and recreation.

In that place - a Center that boasts 30 years of activity, a home designed to accompany the poorest and most lonely children - Fiona May discovered firsthand the great program of the Salesian Family across the globe. A program consisting of many projects for education, vocational training, reception and promotion of women, projects to protect the rights of children, which Fiona supports with her commitment. Soon, then, she will return to visit these places in person, after her parenthesis as an envoy to Tokyo for the 2020-2021 Olympic Games. A symbol, the latter, of world sport, a sporting event that since 1896 (the first Olympics of the modern era) has promoted non-discrimination, equality and solidarity, which favors the advent of a peaceful society and respect for principles universal fundamental ethics.

Published:     22-07-2021

Perpetual Profession of Five Salesians

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - July 2021 - Yesterday, 12 July, five Salesians made their perpetual profession in the hands of Fr Hailemariam Medhin Tesfay, Superior of the Vice Province of Africa Ethiopia (AET). The Mass was presided over by Msgr. Roberto Bergamaschi, SDB, Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Gambella.

Published:     12-07-2021

Don Bosco Flag flying high at Harvard University

Yeabsira Tofik Mohammed, a grade 12 student at Don Bosco Mekanissa has been admitted to Class of 2025 at Harvard University.  She is super excited at her achievement and was kind enough to give an interview for the Don Bosco Bulletin. 

1) Hi Yeabsira, what is your feeling at this moment?

To be honest, I still can't believe this news that I have been admitted to Harvard University.  It was always my dream, but now the dream has come true. I am really happy that I have made my parents proud of my achievement.  

2) When did you start your acquaintance with Don Bosco School?

Well, I came to Don Bosco school almost 6 years ago when I was a grade 7 student.  My father, knowing the quality of Catholic schools, wanted me to study in a Catholic School. My brother too studied in a Catholic school, at St. Joseph School Addis Ababa.  Later on he too got admission in Columbia University in America and is currently working in Newyork city.

3) To whom would you attribute this achievement of yours?

Of course, first of all my gratitude goes to God my creator.  Without his help I am nothing.  Then I owe a lot to my parents and my brother who supported me throughout the process.  Next come my teachers and in a special way Teacher Abebayehu Belete who was always of great help to me.  Then I am also grateful to the CTP team who mentored me and gave me the necessary support and last but not least are my friends who have been cheering me on from the beginning. 

4) What makes Don Bosco School very special to you? 

Don Bosco campus is always unique.  The diversity and the family spirit that exist here has never ceased to amaze me.  Here you have people of different personalities and that always gives one a lot of exposure to many things.  There is so much insistence here on your overall human development.  I really like it. 

5) What will be your piece of advice for your companions and friends who are looking up to you now? 

As long as you are ready to work hard, achievement will be yours.  It might take time to see the fruits, but you need to have patience but things will eventually workout. 

Published:     15-04-2021

SYM Meeting held in Zway - Hope is our Engine

Zway, Ethiopia: From 19 - 21 March was held the SYM meeting of the southern and central zones of Ethiopia.  The theme of the meeting was the strenna of the Rector Major "Moved by Hope".  The purple T-shirt with the inscription "Hope is our Engine" was indeed an attraction of the SYM Meet.  The gathering was attended by more than 60 young people who came from the ten Salesian houses in the central and southern region.  The northern houses could not attend the meeting as there is less possibility for the young people to move from the northern region where there are tensions at the moment.  The SYM gathering was indeed a nice occasion for the youth animators of our oratories and youth centers to come together and share their ideas on how they can be really messengers of hope even in these difficult times.  Abba Yohannes Mengistu SDB and Brother Mehari SDB were called as resource personnel to give inputs on the selected theme of Hope.  The gathering was organized by the Youth Ministry Department, animated by the Youth Ministry Delegate Abba Samuel Abreha SDB.  Due to the Covid protocol there was the strict observance of the wearing of masks and social distancing all through the meeting.  The Youth Meet was concluded on 21 Sunday with a festive lunch for all the participants. 

Published:     23-03-2021

France – In this time of Lent, "Fondation Don Bosco" launches appeal to support two projects, one at home, the other in Ethiopia

The "Fondation Don Bosco - France", faithful to the legacy of the founder of the Salesian Congregation, St. John Bosco, tries with every activity to support the educational mission carried out by hundreds, thousands of men and women, in France and abroad, every day: that which is achieved by benefiting young people, especially the poorest. For this reason, in this time of Lent, which the Church invites to live with an attitude of renewed charity, the foundation has launched two appeals. One of the two, international in character, wants to mobilize emergency humanitarian aid for the population accompanied by the Salesians in the tormented region of Tigray, in northern Ethiopia.

Since November, this region has been plunged into a conflict between the Ethiopian federal government and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). The area, located 700 kilometers north of the capital, Addis Ababa, and which has 6 million inhabitants, hosts four Salesian works (Macallè, Adigrat, Shire and Adua), with a total of 25 Salesians committed to training young people and accompanying families immersed in war.

Shortages of fuel, food and resources in general are, after all this time, becoming extremely critical, even for humanitarian organizations in the region. The “Don Bosco Foundation - France” hopes to raise enough money to provide basic necessities (food and clothing) for two months to 300 families in contact with Salesian educational centers.

The second appeal concerns the Sainte-Marie elementary school, located in Saint-Geniez-Olt, a town of 2,000 inhabitants in Aveyron, in the Lot and Aubrac valleys. Like many schools in rural areas, the situation of this work, faithful to Salesian pedagogy, is fragile. But it could recover through renovation: the school building, in fact, is equipped with a structure that once served as a boarding school, but which is now closed because it needs to be refurbished and updated to current standards.

Through restructuring, the Foundation would like not only to support educational activities, but also to transform the former boarding school into a structure for hosting tourists, so as to develop an income-generating activity in favor of the institute and to promote a model of enhancement of rural realities and sustainable tourism.

Published:     18-03-2021

Ethiopia – Situation in Tigray: “Rich and poor are at our gate every day, begging for food in order to survive”

Adwa: It is more than 4 months since the war broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  Even though there was a total silence in the beginning regarding the whole issue, after many weeks and months, many front-line medias and agencies have started reporting about the terrible situations of the people in this part of the Country.

Fighting has in fact ravaged northern Ethiopia since early November when the government opened a military attack against the ruling faction in the region of Tigray, stating that the regional force had made an attack on the northern division of the national army, starting a conflict that has caused thousands of deaths and widespread destruction, displacing over 2 million people, and sending tens of thousands of refugees into neighbouring Sudan.

Adding to this, the war has deepened ethnic tensions and created an immense humanitarian crisis, with 4.5 million people — most of Tigray’s population — in urgent need of assistance, United Nations and local officials say. The turmoil is spilling over Ethiopia’s borders into Eritrea and Sudan in a manner that could destabilize the entire Horn of Africa region.

The Salesians of Don Bosco, having four centres in the region (Makelle, Adigrat, Adwa, Shire) are still serving the people with great dedication and commitment. Even though the internet network has not been established still, we have had some telephone conversations with some Salesians in the region and their stories are really heart-breaking. 

As we spoke to some of our Salesians in the north, these were their words:

We are grateful to God for all the graces, blessings, courage and strength that He is bestowing upon us to make our journey in this challenging and difficult times that we are facing in Adwa.  Since the war broke out from 4th November 2020 and still is going on, many people have lost their lives, lost properties, many are homeless and thousands of people has been fleeing and escaping the bombing and shooting and become refugees or internally displaced people within their own country. Rich and poor are at our gate every day, begging for food in order to survive.

That evening of 20th November 2020 (The day on which conflicts began in Adwa) many dead bodies were lying on the streets and many wounded people tried to escape the war.  These months were dark moments as for more than 2 months the people did not have electricity, water, networks, food etc…. we thank God that we have the bore well in our compound that is able to receive thousands of people, coming and taking water every day since early morning by running the generator.

Just last week on 3rd March 2021, we visited several internally displaced people who have escaped from faraway places called Setit Humera, Kafta Humera, Mereb, Segede woreda, etc… to Adwa town. Together with MC sisters, FMA sisters we have managed to visit 5 centres that are hosting the displaced people and we have given immediate response to help those in need.

- The MC sisters, FMA and SDBs are working together and baking bread to provide for the displaced people, from 2,200 to 2,600 loaves of bread every day.

- The SDBs are also giving food items to the needy, blind, elderly people around us.

- We are also providing to the centre for displaced people, food items, non-food items so that they may have enough access to the basic needs of a human being for a decent living.

- The number of displaced people is still increasing every day.

Thanks to the great contribution of the PDO led by Brother Cesare Bullo in Addis Ababa that is assisting our houses in the north so that we can reach out to so many poor and displaced people and assist them in their direst need at this time”. 

Currently, there are 35,675 Internally Displaced People in Adwa: 19,240 females and 16,435 males; 8,076 under 5-years-old; 12,565 from 5 to 17; 13,538 from 18 to 59; 1,496 are 60 and above.

Published:     16-03-2021

Ethiopia – Rector Major's Strenna 2021 presented to Salesian Family

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - January 2021 - At the Salesian house "Don Bosco Mekanissa", the Strenna 2021 of the Rector Major was presented to the Salesian Family "Moved by hope: 'See, I am making all things new' (Rev 21, 5)". The presentation was curated by Fr Chrys Saldanha and was followed by discussions and group sharing. More than 40 members of the Salesian Family participated in the event, including Past Pupils, Salesian Cooperators, teachers, parents and representatives of the parish church.

Published:     23-01-2021

Visit of Austrian Government to Bosco Children

Bosco Children, Addis Ababa: There was a remarkable visit from the representatives of the Austrian Government to Don Bosco Catholic TVET Institute – Bosco Children on 14 January 2021.  The whole team was on a visit to Ethiopia to have a first hand impression on projects supported by the Austrian Government in Ethiopia.  The team consisted of personalities like  His Excellency Alexander SCHALLENBERG Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria and his team, Austrian Ambassador Roland HAUSER in Ethiopia and his team, Mrs. Doris from Austrian Development Cooperation in Ethiopia, Mr. Reinhard Heiserer, Director of Jugend Eine Welt Austria and many other dignitaries.  From the part of the Salesians there was the presence of Fr. Hailemariam Medhin Provincial AET, Bro Cesare Bullo Executive Director PDO and Mission Procurator and many others.  The focus of the visit to Bosco Children was to get an impression of the whole works done by the Salesians of Don Bosco with the collaboration of the Austrian NGO Jugend Eine Welt, co-financed by ADA (the official wing of the Austrian Government for Development) and implemented by the Salesians of Don Bosco through the six TVET centers in Ethiopia.  Rev. Fr. Hailemariam Medhin, Provincial of AET province thanked the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) for all their collaboration with the Salesians of Don Bosco through the Austrian NGO Jugend Eine Welt since past 20 years.   Starting from 2017 Up to now 2021, thanks to the Austrian support more than 800 youths have been trained in the six TVET centers in Ethiopia. They are Adwa, Mekele, Addis Ababa, Gambella, Dilla and Bosco Children.  

Published:     14-01-2021

AET Media Productions - The Provincial Speaks

Published:     03-11-2020

Spiritual song produced by the youth of Mekanissa Parish

A Spiritual Song, lyrics written by Abba Tesfay Matheos SDB, and music given by the youth of the Salesian Parish of Mekanissa Addis Ababa, recorded at Bosco Records Studio, Mekanissa and sung by Cheramlak Berhe, a choir member of the same Parish.  The song speaks about the unconditional love of God the Father, that has been shown to the sinful humanity.  It is indeed a spiritual treat during this time of the Pandemic and an invitation to the whole humanity to the loving embrace of the Heavenly Father. 

The link is below: 


Published:     02-11-2020

Bishop Roberto given a warm welcome in Gambella

Gambella-Ethiopia: It was indeed a long awaited nomination, the announcement of Bishop Roberto Bergamaschi SDB as the new Bishop of Gambella vicariate, a vicariate that became vacant due to the long absence of Bishop Angelo Moreschi SDB who had been in Italy for his medical treatment and passed away a few months ago succumbing to COVID-19.  Bishop Roberto had been already serving in the Vicariate of Hawassa (one of the biggest vicariates of Ethiopia) as its bishop after the death of Mons. GIovanni Miglioratti.  But as the Vicariate of Gambella was entrusted to the Salesians almost twenty years ago, with Mons. Angelo Moreschi SDB as its first Bishop, it was quite apt that his follower too be a Son of Don Bosco.  The news of the nomination was received with great enthusiasm as the vicariate had been waiting for a pastor for quite some time now.  Bishop Roberto was given a grand welcome already at the airport with so many dignitaries awaiting him at the airport.  The dignitaries included Cardinal Berhane Yesus, the Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Mons. Jean Paul, secretary to the Vatican Nuncio, several other bishops, Abba Tishome, the secretary general of ECS, Abba Hailemariam Medhin SDB, the Salesian provincial of AET and many other dignitaries.  The official installation of Bishop Roberto took place on Saturday 31, October at St. Joseph Cathedral in the presence of so many priests, religious and faithful.  It was quite evident that the new Bishop is received with great joy and enthusiasm as many of the youth of Gambella region express their joy through several social media platforms sharing photos and videos of their new shepherd.

Published:     31-10-2020

Carlo Acutis Vibes in Gambella - Ethiopia

On Saturday, October 9/2020, the Salesian community of Gambella organized the first of four formation meetings with the group of youth animators of the Don Bosco Youth Center.  The gathering was an initiative meant to relive the "Salesian Sacrament" of presence  as one of the challenges proposed by the Rector Major to all Salesian Congregation for the coming six years, in line with the third 'Valdocco option' previously addressed by Pope Francis in his recent Letter to the GC 28.

As AET Vice-Province also had chosen to renew the Salesian identity 'being among the young people as a community and giving chance for young people to share with us some relevant moments', the community of Gambella also had planned these formation meetings, on topics of interest for our animators, who are all Christians but from different denominations. 

Precisely, in the first meeting, inspired by the coincidence of the Beatification of the young Carlo Acutis, the topic was 'Youth holiness'. The meeting consisted in three different moments of 30 minutes each:

- a shared reflection on holiness referring to Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation 'Gaudete et Exsultate'.

- Some short videos  about the life witness of the Young Carlo Acutis, with the help of a paper that summarized his youth spirituality.

- A third moment of Eucharistic Adoration marked with deep silence and short prayerful songs.

The meeting concluded with the gathering for a fraternal lunch offered by the SDB community, a simple moment where the youth expressed their appreciation for an initiative that demanded continuity. 

Published:     12-10-2020

New Salesians for Ethiopia

  "We are so happy to belong to Don Bosco.  We want to follow Christ in the footsteps of Don Bosco.  Our joy is beyond limits today".  These were the words unanimously said by Cl. Dame Bayisa and Yosief Sabro, the two novices who made their First Profession at Debrezeit on 8 September, on the Birthday of our Blessed Mother.  Both the novices who made their first profession hail from the south and south western part of Ethiopia and had joined the Salesian Aspirantate of Soddo and Zway respectively.  In a meaningful ceremony  presided over by the Provincial, Fr. Hailemariam Medhin, more than 50 people participated.  As the two novices are proceeding to the Post-novitiate in Adigrat for their further training, the Novitiate house is already set to begin the new novitiate year with 5 new novices.  

Published:     08-09-2020

Meeting of Rectors and Economers in Salesianum

Addis Ababa: From 25 to 27 August was held the Meeting of Economers and Rectors of AET Vice Province which saw an active participation of all the Rectors and Economers of the various houses of the province.  Except the houses of the Tigray region, which could not  participate in the meeting due to the Corona Quarantine regulations, all the other houses took part in the meeting.  The first two days were meant only for the Rectors while the last day was meant for a combined meeting of Rectors and Economers.  During the meeting, several issues were discussed like the setting of priorities for the new academic year, reports from various commissions, detailed reports from activities of the PDO etc.  There was also an Ongoing Formation for the Rectors which was given by Abba Chrys Saldhana who gave an input on the new Manual of the Salesian Rector.  On the final day of the meeting a T-shirt with the writing 'SALESIANS-Since 1975 in Ethiopia' was distributed to all sponsored by the PDO.

Published:     28-08-2020

Ethiopia - Councilor visits Africa-Madagascar Region

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - 28 July 2020 - Fr Alphonse Owoudou, Councilor for the Africa-Madagascar Region, during his trip to Cameroon, stopped in Addis Ababa and visited the Salesian works of Mekanissa, the "Bosco Children", the Provincial House and the novitiate house in Debre Zeit. Fr Owoudou presided over Mass in the community and gave a conference to the pre-novices. For the Salesians of Addis Ababa, it was a good and enjoyable time spent with the new Regional Councilor.

Published:     27-07-2020

Ethiopia – "Supporting the poorest of the poor": the mission of Salesians in the face of the pandemic

(ANS - Addis Ababa) - To contribute to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and its social consequences, the Salesian communities in Ethiopia identify and support "the poorest of the poor", as expressed by the Planning and Development Office of the Salesians of Addis Ababa, the country's capital.

They support street children and vulnerable elderly people. These two groups often depend on the charity of the rest of society and the lockdown situation has made them so much more vulnerable.

Street children found themselves in a devastating situation due to the closure of the bus station. Before, they would make their daily earnings by transporting travelers' luggage and helping drivers with passengers. In these moments of great difficulty, the Salesians help by providing them with some food and formation so that they know the measures to avoid contagion; indeed, they have also taught them how to safely prepare food.

Prisoners, locked up in overcrowded prisons, are also one of the main lines of Salesian action in the fight against Covid-19. In this sense, the Salesians do nothing but follow in the footsteps of their founder, Don Bosco.

The Director of various prisons expressed his gratitude by saying that they were relieved by the support of the Salesians in the prisons. They did not have enough water containers for hand washing, masks, soap, and disinfectants to prevent the spread of the virus, but donations were made to improve this situation and thus avoid mass infections.

The Salesian intervention took the form of providing health prevention tools and awareness programs to 24,000 children and young people from the 14 formal and non-formal education centers where the Salesians are present in various educational and health projects throughout the country (some as mentioned in the previous points).

But since it is well known that "charity begins at home", the Salesians have not forgotten their own employees who have large families and have been greatly affected by the increase in market prices.

The Salesians always coordinate their initiatives with local authorities. The purchase of hygiene materials, food, masks ... is combined with awareness programs to learn the basic safety measures to help minimize the spread of the pandemic.

In all activities, the Salesian communities organize programs in collaboration with the Administrators of the local "Kebele" structure, members of the "Woreda" Command, and the Community Police.

Published:     14-07-2020

Ethiopia - Salesians continue to support local population

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - June 2020 - The Salesians of the Vice-Province of Ethiopia (AET) continue to distribute food and offer their spiritual support and closeness to the people who have suffered the most from the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The action is conducted thanks to the support of the "DON BOSCO IN THE WORLD" Foundation, an organization of the Salesian Congregation whose purpose is the promotion, support and development of Salesian Works and Missions across the globe.

Published:     07-07-2020

Water to slum-dwellers in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa: Hand wash campaign has become all the more popular with the outbreak of COVID-19.  Big posters and bill boards are placed all over to bring the attention of people to the cleanliness of their hands to keep it constantly clean and tidy so that they don’t become agents of transmission of Corona virus.  But, what if in spite of the constant reminders to the people, there is no water available?

Don Bosco Mekanissa in Addis Ababa has thought of this problem being faced by thousands of people living in the slums of Koshe and Kore on the outskirts of the city and has positively responded to this issue by providing water on a regular basis to these slum dwellers.  The community with the help of the PDO got repaired an old truck and a water carrier which is now being used to bring water to the locality.  The water carrier has a capacity of 5000 liters at a time.  The people around are overjoyed with this initiative and one can see the long queue of people even two to three hours prior to the arrival of the truck.  

Published:     25-05-2020

Golden bells for Fr. Chrys Saldhana SDB

  1. How would you describe these past 50 years of priesthood?

I have loved my Salesian priesthood as a special gift of God to me, and have enjoyed it to the full. Most of my time and energies these 50 years have been spent in the area of formation, but I have also done a stint in authority as Provincial. In both cases, I have always considered my role to be one of helping persons to grow - in faith, in their vocation, in their love for Jesus and Mary, in their attachment to the Salesian Congregation and to the Church. And it has been for me a most fulfilling undertaking.

  1. Some memorable events in these past 50 years?

Among the many memorable events are those connected with Project Africa.

When I took over as Provincial of Mumbai in 1982, Salesian India (which at that time comprised 6 Provinces) was just beginning to send missionaries to Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan as part of its contribution to Project Africa. I was asked to look after all the Salesian missionaries from India on behalf of the Provincial Conference of India. These Salesian presences in Africa came to be established as a Delegation of my Province. Six years later, when I laid down office as Provincial, the Delegation was sufficiently developed and organized, and the Rector Major erected it as a Vice-Province.

During those years, I made several trips to Africa. My last one as Provincial was perhaps the most memorable. Halfway through my trip by road to visit the house of Tonj (Sudan), we (i.e., a couple of Salesians and myself) were stopped by guerrillas who fired warning shots in the air. However, when they found that we were missionaries, they let us go.

Later that day at Tonj I felt moved to find some 20 lepers gathered in front of our house and singing away for a full hour in the blazing sun, just to express their happiness and gratitude for the Salesians who were looking after them!

On my return to the town of Wau, I learned that I was stuck: there was no plane in the coming days, and maybe weeks, to take me back to Juba in the South, thence to Nairobi, and onwards to Mumbai. And so, I was forced to fly north to the capital, Khartoum, where the Comboni missionaries kindly gave me hospitality. Next day, I discovered, to my dismay, that I would have to remain there another four days for a flight to Nairobi. On the third day of my stay there, I received a surprise visit from the Comboni Provincial. He had heard of my presence in the Sudanese capital and, since he was running short of personnel, he came to make a free gift of their institution in the city (a school, workshops and a parish) to the Salesians. That was how Divine Providence arranged for us Salesians to begin our presence in Khartoum!

  1. Some challenging moments you had to face in these 50 years?

I had a major problem on my hands in very first year as Provincial. Several Salesians of the Province were in favour of our giving up Don Bosco High School, Matunga, our first Salesian institution in Mumbai. It was felt that our school was not catering to the poor. I didn’t have the heart to take such a drastic step, but chose instead to qualify a couple of Salesians in social work and to launch an evening oratory for the boys of the nearby slums. Some time later, evening coaching classes were begun for the poor boys who were weak in their studies. Finally, the admissions policy of the school was changed to give a priority to Catholics and the poor. That made a big difference to the physiognomy of the school. There was a bit of resistance from some of the well-to-do parents but in the end, and especially because of the wholehearted commitment of the teachers to join with us in taking care of poor youngsters, the school took on a whole new orientation, and there was no more talk of giving up the school.

A couple of years later, the Bishops of “North India” invited the religious Provincials of the South to invest personnel and resources in the northern half of the country where the presence of the Church was very limited. Heeding their request, we began new works in the northern and interior parts of our Province - which meant reaching out into the poorer areas of the country. At the same time, we began a work for street-children in the city of Mumbai.

After my stint as Provincial, I was given a new challenge, viz. to launch a Renewal Centre in Bangalore for the Salesians of the whole of India. Some eight years later, I was asked to move to the Generalate in Rome to collaborate with the Councillor for Formation, a task that, over a period of eighteen years, brought me into contact with the reality and the challenges of formation all over the Salesian world.

  1. Your advice for our young confreres

I have learned over the years that there is nothing better than being open and available in the matter of religious obedience. I didn’t expect the various “obediences” I received in my life, but I accepted them as God’s will. Now, as I look back at my whole life, I can see that God had a plan for me that I never imagined, one that has brought me a lot of happiness and fulfillment in my life. I have come to realize that there is nothing better than placing my life in His hands and letting Him do with me as he pleases: it gives me great serenity and happiness.

Published:     17-05-2020

Uplifting song during the Corona Pandemic - Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: It is more than three months since the entire world is held with the fear and anxiety of the Corona Virus.  The whole Salesian world is engaged in different ways to respond to this emergency situation.  Even though the spread of the virus is quite slow in the African continent the increasing number day by day in different countries of the continent is rather alarming.  

The Salesians in Ethiopia are responding to this situation of the crisis through humanitarian aid and other helps. But the young people of the Parish of Mary Help of Christians in Addis Ababa have now come out with another initiative of creating a Spiritual Song, a song of mercy entitled as "Lord, Take us back".  The Spiritual song which was recorded in the Bosco Studio at Mekanissa and released on the You Tube Channel of Bosco Records have been already seen by thousands and has even made its appearance in a national TV Channel (Walta TV).  The song was composed and sung by two members of the parish choir who are intending to produce even more songs on the Youtube channel having seen that their first attempt has been very received by the local public.  

You can watch the song on Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/tQiDfbcBo6Y

Published:     12-04-2020

COVID-19, Consultative Meeting held at Salesianum, Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa: On 08 April, 2020, an Emergency Consultative meeting was held at the Salesianum, Addis Ababa.  The meeting was convened by the Provincial of AET Abba Hailmariam Medhin SDB with the collaboration of the PDO headed by Brother Cesare Bullo SDB.  The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss urgently on the impending crisis of the global Pandemic COVID-19 which is slowing making its impact also in Ethiopia, the second largest populated country in the African continent.  Although the government has officially announced only 55 cases as confirmed with the Corona Virus, the actual numbers could be even bigger as there is a big lack of testing centers and other facilities.  The meeting was participated by more than 20 persons who came from the PDO office at Addis Abeba and a few confreres from the neighboring communities of Addis Ababa.  The discussion had been extremely fruitful as several measures were proposed in order to tackle immediately the Pandemic crisis, which included conducting awareness campaign, supplying sanitarian facilities, providing humanitarian aid to poor people etc.  The Salesians have 14 centers all over Ethiopia catering to more than 20,000 young people through the various centers.  The Salesians have already expressed their willingness to avail all the infrastructures to host the affected people if a serious crisis should arise in the country in the near future.   

Published:     08-04-2020

Ethiopia – Staying at home, standing by kids who don't have a home (COVID-19)

(ANS - Addis Ababa) - The health emergency generated by the spread of coronavirus has truly no boundaries. It has already been a week that precautionary measures have also been taken in Ethiopia and the authorities have decided to close schools and leave students at home. For this same reason, the four Salesians of the community of "Don Bosco Children" in Addis Ababa have also closed the school, but they didn't leave the students at home, but rather asked teachers and instructors to stay home, because the street children who attend the "Don Bosco Children" have no home, or rather, the Salesian house is their only home.

"We no longer go out on the streets at night in search of kids: too risky," said Fr Angelo Regazzo, a Salesian missionary, over seventy-five of age, who has been stationed in Ethiopia for over 30 years and is still always active with the energy of a young lad. Last Monday, March 16, however, he did make several trips by bus to bring in as many kids as possible and to help them in this emergency. "Don Bosco would have done the same," says the missionary.

During this period of quarantine, at the "Don Bosco Children" manual works have been organized, such as special classes, sports tournaments, music, offering educational films to view... And basic goods are not a problem. "We have enough food, water, diesel to run the generators, water pumps and refrigerators for several months. We have plenty of soap to wash ourselves, alcohol to disinfect ourselves, paracetamol and First Aid medicines ... Nobody goes outside the fence and those few who enter, such as guardians, cooks and social workers, have to wash their hands with soap at the entrance and disinfect their shoes with bleach and alcohol," continues the Salesian.

The Salesians celebrate daily Mass and find their strength in the Pious Practices in an emergency situation such as this. “We invite the boys, almost all Muslims and Orthodox, to pray according to their religious beliefs. And we urge them to be happy and believe in life, so we are convinced that everything will be fine," adds Fr Regazzo.

The concern of the Salesians is for those outside. "Looking out of the fence, unfortunately, one notices no change in people's behavior. Thousands upon thousands of people coming and going. Open restaurants and shops, crowded banks and supermarkets, very intense traffic ... The general attitude of people seems to be aimed at business, as usual. I don't know until when, because the numbers of the infected are growing day by day."

Fr Regazzo concludes by expressing condolences to those who have lost their loved one because of coronavirus. "I wish that you may all return to normal soon and enjoy the sea and the mountains. For now, we have the opportunity to taste the hearth of home and pray together. We all needed it so much."

Published:     02-04-2020

Fighting COVID-19, Salesians in the front line in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia: The COVID-19 pandemic is making its impact also in the African Continent.  The situation is not anything different even in Ethiopia, the second largest populated country on the continent.  Even though only 25 confirmed cases have been reported officially, there is a great fear and panic experienced by people all over the country.  Many of the states in the country have already declared a lock down even though Addis Ababa, the capital still remains open with limited transport and movement of the people.

The Salesians of Don Bosco, who has 14 centers operating all over the country is also getting involved in providing food materials and other needed equipment for the public.  The community of Mekanissa and the community of Adwa for example, are collaborating with the local authorities in supplying food materials and protective masks to the people of the locality.  7 quintals of pasta and 4000 masks have been already distributed in the various villages and even in the local prison by the communities.  

Published:     01-04-2020

A great Salesian leaves us, due to Covid-19: Msgr. Angelo Moreschi SDB

Brescia - Italy: The Salesian community mourns the death of the Apostolic Vicar of Gambella (Ethiopia), namely Msgr. Angelo Moreschi, SDB, who died today, March 25, in Brescia (Italy) due to the coronavirus.

Archbishop Moreschi was born in Nave (Brescia) on June 13, 1952. He attended the Salesian novitiate in Albarè, made his first religious vows on September 1, 1974, and perpetual vows in Cremisan (Israel) on August 15, 1980. He was ordained a priest on October 2, 1982, in Brescia.

Going to Ethiopia as a missionary, he served as a parish priest and Director in Dilla (1991-2000) and held the office of Provincial Councilor for the then Vice-Province Africa Ethiopia-Eritrea (1998-2001).

On November 16, 2000, he was appointed Apostolic Prefect of Gambella; on December 5, 2009, the prefecture was elevated to vicariate and he was appointed titular Bishop of Elefantaria of Mauritania and Apostolic Vicar of Gambella, receiving episcopal consecration on January 31, 2010.

In his mission as prefect and then as apostolic vicar, he continued to embody the Salesian focus in helping children, accompanying them by his practical spirit and his strong apostolic zeal. In his visits to the villages, they still remember when the Salesian arrived with a battered SUV - or by motorboat in the villages along the Baro river when the roads were flooded - and he immediately began to distribute multi-vitamin biscuits to malnourished children.

Bishop Moreschi leaves this land after serving the young, the poor and his flock of souls as a Salesian for 46 years, as a priest for 38, and as a bishop for over 10.

Published:     25-03-2020

Ethiopia - Accompaniment seminar for young people and families

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - February 2020 - To accompany and animate the young people of the Catholic families of the Salesian parishes, a two-day seminar was held at the "Salesianum" in Addis Ababa, organized by the Department of Youth Ministry, coordinated by Fr Aristide Marcandalli, SDB, Head of the Salesian parishes of the Africa-Ethiopia Vice Province (AET). The 6 Salesian parishes joined the initiative and sent their representatives to the seminar. Several important topics are discussed, such as: "The time of commitment as a necessary preparation for marriage"; "A journey towards true intimacy: the role of intimacy in the vision of God"; "Application of the Preventive System in the family education of children"; "The Salesian spirituality of the Christian family: the Marian dimension (ADMA)". Within the program, the participants experienced moments of debate and group sharing. Fr Samuel Abraha, Delegate for Youth Ministry, expressed great satisfaction with the organization of the event.

Published:     26-02-2020

GC 28, General Chapter of the Salesians begins in Valdocco, Turin

Turin:  "We are in Valdocco, we are from Valdocco": not only a statement, but also greetings for the Salesians arriving in Turin - Valdocco to participate in General Chapter 28. These are the words expressed by Fr Stefano Vanoli , Chapter Regulator, in what can be called the pre-chapter "Good Night" on the evening of Saturday, 15 February.

A "Good Night" in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians; present, many Capitulars who'd already arrived in Turin, many Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, lay faithful. A Chapter with a biblical flavor in its duration: 7 weeks to answer the question "Which Salesians for today's young people?"

The Capitulars will be intensely busy for the next few weeks until April 4, the closing date.

A Chapter in Valdocco to give strength to the vocation and charismatic identity of Don Bosco's disciples.

Fr Vanoli said: "Where the place of our origin is found, the place of our originality is also found."
The General Chapter returns to Valdocco after 62 years. The Chapter members are 242, representing the 7 Regions into which the Congregation is divided.

There are 66 nations to which the Chapter members natively belong, which for their mission are present in over 130 countries.

23 people attended the first General Chapter which took place in Lanzo Torinese in 1877, presided over by Don Bosco. Today, having arrived at GC28, the Chapter Members have more than multiplied: 242 in total among participants as per Law, such as the Provincials and the elected Delegates, and the permanent guests as observers, appointed Provincials, Delegation Delegates.

Let us not forget that among the participants by right are the 16 confreres of the Central Office and the Rector Major emeritus.

To these already abundant numbers, the young and lay collaborators invited to participate for a week are to be added.

All these numbers tell of a universal and missionary Congregation which finds, in the distinction of origins and languages, experiences and personal stories, the highest moment of convergence and unity.

Today, Monday 17 February, the presentation reports of the Sectors and Regions by members of the General Council begin.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 18 February, the Rector Major's report on the state of the Congregation will be broadcast live on the ANS Facebook page.

Published:     16-02-2020

Two new priests for Salesians in Ethiopia

Zway: The Salesian Province of AET was in great jubilation as two new priests were ordained for the province on 09 February 2020.  Deacon Alemayehu Bedassa and Deacon Tadele Welde received their priestly ordination at the hands of Mons. Abraham Desta, the Vicar Apostolic of Meki Vicariate.  Both the deacons had finished their theological studies at the Salesian Thoeologate of Ratisbonne in Jerusalem.  The solemn ceremony held in the Parish Church of Mary Help of Christians at Zway was attended by a large gathering of faithful nearing a thousand and about 50 religious people.  The homily during the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration was delivered by Abba Hailemariam Medhin, the provincial of AET who reflected at length on the significance of the priesthood and gratuitous call of God irrespective of our merits and capabilities.    The Bishop also gave a touching message after the Mass through which he also invited everyone to be besides the newly ordained priests, as the journey does not end merely with the ordination but has to continue till the end.   After the Ordination ceremony in the Church, a felicitation program was held at the Multi-purpose hall of Zway Don Bosco, where also was served a lunch for all the invited guests.  The new priests were extremely happy with the whole program and thanked all the friends, relatives and well-wishers who had taken part in the function and prayed for them. 

Published:     09-02-2020

New Salesian Cooperators for AET Province

Mekanissa, Addis Ababa: In a simple but meaningful ceremony which was held on 9th December, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (this year the feast from 8th December had been postponed to 9th as it coincided here in Ethiopia with the Feast of Christ the King), 7 old Salesian Cooperators renewed their promise and there were 7 new Salesian Cooperators who took their promise on this auspicious day.  The Aspirant cooperators had been trained by Abba Isidoro Apostoli who is in charge of the Salesian Family in the province of AET.  The promise was recieved by Abba Ignacio Laventure who is the Vicar of AET, in the absence of Abba Hailemariam, the Provincial who is in a visit to Eritrea at the moment.  

Published:     11-12-2019

Vicar of the Rector Major, Fr. Cereda concludes his visit in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: From November 5 - 9, Fr. Francesco Cereda, the Vicar of the Rector Major was with us in AET province.  The main purpose of the visit was to animate the province after the extra-ordinary visitation which was carried out by the Regional for Africa Fr. Chaquisse Americo in the months from March - May.  The animation was based on the letter of the Rector Major to the Province which focused mainly on four points: 1) Taking care of the Salesian Consecrated Life, 2) The reshaping of the Salesian presences in the vice-province, 3) Vocation and formation and the 4) Government and animation of the vice province.  In the first two days of his visit to the vice-province Fr. Cereda visited all the three houses in the capital, Addis Ababa and then moved on to Debrezeit where we have  the novitiate house and to Zway where we have a Salesian parish and an academic school with more than 1000 students studying from 1 -12 grade. On the second last day of the visit was dedicated to the animation program for the Rectors of the various houses and on the last day he met with all the provincial councillors.  Needless to say, the visit was a moment of grace and renewal for the entire vice province.  

Published:     10-11-2019

KAIZEN awards Bosco Children Mekanissa

Bosco Children, Addis Ababa: Another golden feather has been added in the list of achievements for Bosco Children Catholic TVET Institute, as it has been ranked the second best in kaizen implementation at the national level. In a colorful ceremony that was held at Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa the certificates and awards were distributed and Abba Yohannes the director of Bosco Children and Brother Endalkachew the dean of Donbosco TVET college were present. The Kaizen authorities were extremely happy to distribute the award as the institute had taken the implementation of Kaizen program seriously and of course the staff, students and employees of Bosco Children also expressed their gratitude and great satisfaction in having made this achievement. BoscoChildren TVET Institute while catering primarily to the street children, has been also engaged in short term training in several departments like hairdressing, food preparation, woodwork Leather works metal Manufacturing and many other skills. 

Published:     02-11-2019

Catechists of Salesian Parishes gather for workshop at salesianum

Addis Ababa: A group of twelve catechists have gathered from the various salesian parishes of Ethiopia for a two day workshop on the theme of the Missionary month, "Baptized and Sent".  The workshop was organized under the leadership of Abba Aristide who takes care of the Salesian parishes in Ethiopia.  The Salesian parishes are six in number in Ethiopia and this is the first time an inititative of this kind is being organized for the catechists.  There are several invited resources personnel who have been invited for the workshop like Abba Isidoro Apostoli SDB, Abba Samuel Abreha SDB the Youth Ministry Delegate for AET, Abba Gebremeskel Shikur, a Consolata priest.  However great enthusiasm and interest is seen from the part of the catechists who are attending the workshop.  The initiative is thought to bring about a great change in the pastoral initiatives of the salesian parishes in Ethiopia.  

Published:     09-10-2019

My life, I owe it to Don Bosco. Story of Werkeneh Alemu

Bosco Children, Mekanissa: Werkeneh Alemu, a boy who would have ended up his life on the street, like many other street kids on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; but today he is in overjoyed at his extra-ordinary achievement.  He has scored Straight A’s, which means he has scored 100% in the National Exam that was held in last June for grade 10 students.  He attributes his great achievement to the unending support of the Salesians at Bosco Children, Mekanissa where he is a resident for the past 6 years. 

  1. When did you come to Bosco Children?

It was almost 6 years ago that I came to know about Bosco Children through the Salesian fathers and brothers who used to visit us on the street.  After a brief period of my contact with them on the street, they invited me to come and be a resident at Bosco Children.

  1. How were your fist days in Bosco Children?

At first it was not easy for me to adjust to the ambient of Bosco.  I felt almost like a fish out of water. But the loving approach and constant presence of the Salesians made me slowly feel at home in that ambient.

  1. When you entered Bosco Children, how old were you and which class were you frequenting?

When I came to Bosco, I must have been around 11 years old and I had completed only up to 2nd grade in my village.  Then I had dropped the schooling and I had run away from home to be on the street in Addis Ababa.

  1. What is your feeling right now? How do you see this achievement?

Yes, I have no words. I feel extremely happy.  I am not a very expressive boy. But in the heart of my heart I feel really happy. My life, I owe it to Don Bosco. If not for Don Bosco, I can’t imagine what I would be now. All that I am is because of Don Bosco.

  1. Your future plans?

I want to be useful to the society. I have received a lot in my life, all free. Now I want to give back to the society what I have received.  My dream is to be a doctor.

  1. What would be your last words for your friends?

Time is precious. Use every moment usefully. Don’t waste time.

Published:     15-09-2019

Don Bosco TVET College Mekanissa congratulates its graduates

Mekanissa: 24 August was a special occasion for Don Bosco Catholic TVET College Mekanissa as it celebrated the graduation of 122 of its students.  The students belonged to three departments which the college runs namely, Metal Manufacturing, Printing and Graphics and Electricity.  Apart from the regular students there were also the short term students who were also graduating in this occasion.  The short term courses were begun on the 1st of April 2019 as part of the "Stop Human Trafficking" campaign project which the Salesians are running in Ethiopia for the past few years.  The graduation ceremony which began at 10 am was participated by many invited guests along with the parents, relatives and well-wishers of the graduates.  Needless to say the function also gave a great publicity for the college which will begin the registration for the new students by the third week of September. 

Published:     24-08-2019

Abba Hailemariam Medhin, new provincial for AET - Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: As part of the work of the General Council, and with the consensus of the other members of the Council, the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, has appointed Fr Medhi Hailemariam as Superior of the Africa-Ethiopia Vice Province (AET) for the six-year period between 2019-2025.

Fr Medhi Hailemariam was born in Awo, Ethiopia, on 1 October 1974. He completed his novitiate between 1994 and 1995 at the Salesian house in Addis Ababa-Gotera, made his perpetual vows on 19 August 2001 in Addis Ababa; and was ordained a priest on 4 May 2003 in Adigrat.

Between 2003 and 2006 he served in the community of Adua, first as Vicar, then as Parish Priest and Economer. He then spent several years in Rome (2006-2009 and 2014-2016) to perfect his studies at the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS), years interspersed with work performed in Kenya at the Salesian formation house in Nairobi-Utume ( 2009-2013).

He currently resides in Addis Ababa and serves as Director in the Mekanissa community; he is also Provincial Councilor and Delegate for the Salesian Family.

Fr. Hailemariam succeeds Don Estifanos Gebremeskel.

Published:     27-06-2019

Fr. Americo concludes his extra-ordinary visitation in Ethiopia

Addis Abeba: After a long stay of almost one and a half month in the vice-province of “Mariam Kidane Meheret” the Extraordinary Visitation of Fr Americo Chaquisse, on behalf of the Rector Major, ended in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 7th May, 2019.  The last day of the of the Extra-ordinary visitation was reserved for a meeting with all the rectors of the 14 presences in Ethiopia and an afternoon session for an encounter with the provincial council members.  In his final good night talk that was delivered in the presence of the all the rectors and councilors the regional appeared extremely happy and satisfied of the beautiful experience that he lived in Ethiopia, ‘the land of origins’.  At the same time he encouraged the Salesians to continue the great work that they are doing in the country, especially in championing the cause of the young which began almost 44 years ago, in 1975.  

In his final report regarding the state of the province, the regional councilor presented all that he observed during his visitation, highlighting both the lights and shadows of the AET province, so that they can be given sufficient attention in regard to the improvement and progress of the province.  In the opinion of Fr. Americo, the Salesian province of AET presented a “beautiful reality” comprising of a diversity of culture, language, liturgical traditions, various ethnicities and of course a rich cultural heritage.  Even though the vice-province is rather young with a total number of less than 100 confreres, is very active, having many educational institutions throughout the country, contributing greatly to the life of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia.  The Catholic Church is a minority in Ethiopia and makes up not even 1% of the total population of Ethiopia.  “As Ethiopia is characterized by a majority of youth population, there is a great lot that Salesians can do and is still doing in this growing country”, commented the regional in his final discourse.  The presence of Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi, permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva and currently active at the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development at the Thanksgiving Supper added a special flavor to the farewell gathering that was organized at the Saleisanum in Addis Abeba. 

The Ethiopian Province, canonically erected in 1998, currently has 94 Salesians, working in 14 salesians presences throughout the country.  

Published:     08-05-2019

Bishoftu celebrates the graduation of its trainees

Debrezeit: The Don Bosco house in Debrezeit while still remains the Salesian Novitiate house of the AET province, for the past few years the house has opened itself for the upliftment of the society around and as part of it, the youth centre has started several short-term trainings such as hair-dressing courses, computer classes, football coaching and several other activities.  On 14th April was a joyful occasion for the centre as 34 trainees had their graduation after 6 months of their training in hairdressing.  A joyful moment indeed also for the house as these young girls also find an employment in the growing city of Bishoftu. 

Published:     16-04-2019

Practical Trainees meet up for their annual gathering

Addis Abeba: Meeting together for their annual gathering, the young brothers of AET province spent three full days in sharing and enriching each other with their pastoral experiences from the various communities. The meeting which began on Friday, 19th April had its first session with Abba Chrys Saldahna who gave them a workshop session on the meaning and significance of practical training. Later there was a presentation of the new Post-Synodal document Christus Vivit by Abba Lijo Vadakkan. The second part of the meeting was held in different communities as the clerics left on the following day towards the south accompanied by Abba Isidoro, the provincial vicar, visiting all the communities on the way starting from Debrezeit, Zway, Adamitullu, Hawassa and the final destination which was Dilla. Certainly the days of meeting were very much appreciated by all the brothers and Abba Isidoro, who was also accompanying them, also expressed his great satisfaction for the ways in which the days were organised and he thanks the various communities for the warm reception and collaboration.

Published:     22-04-2019

Peace and Reconciliation Conference held at DB campus in Mekanissa

Mekanissa: In an attempt to promote “Peace and Reconciliation”, the Arch-Diocese of Addis Abeba organised a one day conference on the same topic in the Don Bosco Compound of Mekanissa.  The conference was held on Sunday 14th April.  Even though the morning Mass was scheduled to be celebrated by his Eminence Cardinal Berhane Yesus, due to certain inconvenience he couldn’t be present at the occasion.  In his absence Abba Petros Berga celebrated the Eucharist in which a number of parish priests of the Arch-diocese participated.  There was also a good participation of the faithful from the various parishes.  After the Mass there was a lunch supplied for all the participants and after which began the conference.  More than 300 people participated in the conference in which several speakers were invited to give inputs on the topic.  The event was well-appreciated by everyone who took part and we hope it adds to promoting peace and reconciliation in the country.  

Published:     14-04-2019

Don Bosco students with generous hands for Gideo people

Mekanissa: As a gesture of solidarity, a friendly campaign was raised by a few teachers of Don Bosco Junior school to raise some funds to help the displaced people in Gideo region.  The campaign received a hearty welcome by the students, especially the students of the elementary and junior section who went around collecting little offerings even from their friends, relatives and neighbours.  At the end when the collected amount was gathered together it was not just a few coins.  The collected amount was calculated to be more than 100,000 birr, a sum of money not too little for a school comprising of middle class and lower middle class parents of Addis Abeba.  However, as it was already decided earlier, material goods were procured for the amount of money and were taken to the place of the camps in the Gideo region, accompanied by the coordinating team of the teachers and Abba Hailemariam the rector of the community of Mekanissa.  The act of charity was definitely appreciated by all the people and the students too felt a great sense of solidarity with the suffering people. 

Published:     29-03-2019

Foundation stone laid for High School block in Don Bosco Soddo

Soddo: After many years of the felt need for a Don Bosco High School in Wolaita Soddo, with the legal approval of the government authorities and need assessment done by the school community, a project was designed and presented by PDO to donors and the construction was officially started on 26 March, 2019 in the presence of Fr. Estifanos Gebremeskel, Provincial of AET, Brother Cesare Bullo SDB, PDO Chief Executive Director and Procurator, Mrs. Meaza Tesfageorgis, from PDO and  Dr. Antonio Rimondi, PDO consultant, and the Constructor of the High School Engr. Tsegaye Yosef.  So far, upon completion of the 8th Grade, the students of Don Bosco Soddo Primary School were leaving for other schools to continue with their High Schooling.  However, for the last two years, increasing enrolment had aggravated the shortage of educational facilities, which forced those schools to adopt double shifts and to have classes on a tight schedule. Therefore, with a view to improving the learning conditions in classrooms and provision of quality education, the community aims at finishing the construction by the next fiscal year 2012 EC, and High School teaching-learning to begin by September 2013 of the School Year. 

Published:     26-03-2019

The Salesians, the VIS, and the breath of hope for street children

How will Abel, Yonas or Kayla, who are 7-8 years old, imagine their future, while they spend their lives on the streets, sleeping on sidewalks or in a landfill? How to invent a plausible future? The meeting point between degradation and hopes, in Addis Ababa, can be a Salesian priest.

Fr Angelo Regazzo, SDB, is an over-seventy-year-old who in his life as a missionary around the world has really seen and met all sorts of things and people. He even did a survival course in the middle of the Thai jungle, reserved for Salesians who bring the Christian message to the world. For over 20 years, he has tries to invent a future for these kids.

Fr Regazzo gets up in the morning at 4 and has breakfast in the "Bosco Children" cafeteria, where the missionaries, together with lay volunteers, now welcome more than 400 children. Then off, to work. He starts his bus with about thirty seats and begins driving around the city, in the areas of Kera, Mekanissa, Jemo, Kirkos, along the "King Road", close to the airport, to gather little girls and boys who live on the street, forced to get by on their own in the dry and pungent cold of the highlands.

"Unfortunately," confesses Fr Angelo, "from all this we manage to take away mainly the males. The girls rarely let themselves get involved in the program we called 'Come and See' because they, once they reach 11-12 years, end up in the hell of child prostitution. They are attracted by the idea of ??a 'comfortable life', which for them means simply owning a cell phone, a dress, a little make-up to look older."

Among the volunteers who revolve around the world of Don Bosco's disciples, in Ethiopia, there is also the International Voluntary Service for Development (VIS). In Ethiopia, VIS has been working since 1998, above all, but not only, in education, vocational training and job placement. With the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, and the CEI, it has just completed the "Print your future" project, which has been used to promote courses in graphic arts and typography, tailoring, catering preparation, woodworking, mechanics, leather goods, construction, which involved over 1,000 boys.

The courses were held in Salesian schools in Mekelle and Adwa, Gambella and Addis Ababa, and last year the country's first graphics and printing school was inaugurated. And for over two years, together with various other partners, such as "Missioni Don Bosco" of Turin, it has been developing European projects oriented towards the prevention of irregular migrations.

Published:     22-01-2019

Inauguration of new workshops at 'Bosco Children' - Addis Abeba

(ANS - Addis Ababa) - On Wednesday 28 November, the new workshops of the "Don Bosco Children" project were officially opened at the Salesian center of Mekanissa, in Addis Ababa. With the creation of these new structures, the opportunities for vocational training and employment for the "boys of Don Bosco" in Ethiopia are further extended.

The construction of these new laboratories was agreed upon with the project partner companies, all active in the automotive sector: "CNH Industrial Italy", "CNHI International", "New Holland" and "Moenco".

Taking part in the opening ceremony were: Mgr. Luigi Bianco, Apostolic Nuncio in Ethiopia; Daniela Ropolo, Head of the sustainable development project "CNH Industrial"; Fr Estifanos Gebremeskel, Provincial of the Vice Province of Ethiopia (AET); Fr Angelo Regazzo, SDB; and several other representatives of the Government and the bodies involved.

The newly opened workshop will serve to provide short-term courses for dozens of students on the "Operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery".

The "Bosco Children" project seeks in every way the social recovery and the integral development of children and adolescents at risk of Addis Ababa and the surrounding areas. It is carried out by the Salesians in collaboration with various organizations and technical-vocational training is actually only the last stage of a broader path; it begins when Salesians and their lay collaborators go to the most abandoned neighborhoods of the Ethiopian capital to search for street children – who the former, out of respect, do not call them that, but rather "boys of Don Bosco", from whom the name of the project derives: "Don Bosco Children".

Once contact is established with these children, they are offered informal education meetings, in which they are provided with breakfast and clean clothes, but they leave the boys free to be further involved or engage or, instead, to continue with life on the street.

For those who decide to begin the journey, the children follow three years of integral or comprehensive formation, and welcomed at a Salesian boarding school. During this time the Salesians also try to bring them closer to their families and, if this is possible, they continue to accompany and monitor the progressive re-integration into and of the family.

A significant peculiarity of the project is that during the years of technical training the Salesians help the children to find small extra jobs so they may put aside some money that the minors can deposit on a "blocked" account, i.e., where they can only make cash deposits.

Only at the end of the formative journey, when they have completely embraced the commitment to a responsible life, will the youth have the opportunity to take what he has put aside and saved, with a nice surprise: the agreement is the Salesians will double the amount set aside by the young person - a good incentive towards working at their utmost. 

Published:     30-11-2018

The 7th Provincial Chapter of AET Province

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia – febbraio 2019 - The 7th Provincial Chapter of AET Vice-province was officially concluded on 9th February 2019 at Salesianum Addis Abeba.  The one week long Provincial Chapter was begun on 3rd February Sunday afternoon with a moment of retreat preached by Fr. Chrys Saldhana SDB.  The Chapter which had its theme as “What kind of Salesians for the youth of today” was already being prepared for the past 6 months.  At the conclusion of the Chapter, the moderator Fr. Ignacio Laventure appeared to be happy and satisfied about the work that was done by all the 14 communities of the vice-province.  There were altogether 29 members officially elected for the chapter and along with these participants other 6 persons were invited to the chapter as observers.  Among these 6 participants there were two practical trainees, one Salesian cooperator, and three lay collaborators. Needless to say, the Chapter was a moment of great renewal for the entire province as it reflected on such an important theme as the type of ‘Salesians for the Youth of Today’s World. The Salesian Province of Mariam Kidane Mehret (AET) came into existence in September 1998 even though the Salesians were already present in Ethiopia since 1975. From the humble beginnings that it had 44 years ago, this Province has grown to be an inspiring reality in the East African Region. At the moment, the Ethiopian province has more than 90 members residing in over 14 houses spread all over the country, trying to reach out to the poorest of the poor. They become messengers of hope and courage to the thousands and thousands of poor young people realized through their Mission Centers (3), Parishes (5), Technical Schools (6), Youth Centers (13), Primary and Secondary Schools (13) and Street children centers (2).  Besides at the level of the province there is a well-established mission procure and PDO (Planning Development Office) at the service of the Province of AET.

Published:     02-05-2019

Don Bosco by Teresio Bosco translated into Tigrina


Addis Abeba: In an effort to spread the charism of Don Bosco far and wide there has been the initiative of translating the writings of the great veteran Salesian historian, Teresio Bosco into Tigrina, the official local language of Eritrea and the language spoken in the northern part of Ethiopia.  The work had been begun almost two years ago by Br. Berhane Teklemariam who took it up as a great challenge to do the translation work and at the same wanted to make this contribution to the young vice-province of Eritrea which had been part of the Ethiopian province in the beginning and had to be separated a few years ago due to some political reasons. However, the new initiative was very well welcomed by the confreres on both sides, in Ethiopia and Eritrea and the editing, printing and publishing had been realized by the Don Bosco Printing Press at Addis Abeba in Ethiopia.  The book, which has more than 400 pages, gives almost a literal translation of Teresio Bosco's work and will certainly help in spreading the Salesian charism in both the countries.  

Published:     26-04-2019

Debrezeit celebrates Christmas with children

Debrezeit: Don Bosco Debrezeit celebrated Christmas with the children of the feeding center.  The children numbered more than 100 as they all presented themselves for the celebration.

The children took care to prepare the Nativity scene and it was definitely a wonderful occasion for the Salesians to pass on the Gospel message in the oratory where almost 100% of the beneficiaries are Orthodox. Along with the children their families too were present for the occasion and the celebration concluded with sharing of Ethiopian bread and tea.

Published:     09-01-2017

Nativity Scene at Don Bosco Mekanissa

Mekanissa: The special attraction of Don Bosco Mekanissa for Christmas this year has been the Nativity scene prepared by the community at the outdoors.  It has been attraction for many of the people who came to attend the mid-night Mass on 6th January.  The creation of the Crib was a novel idea of the Salesians which was realised with the help of the teachers and staff of the Junior school and TVET.  The whole creation of the crib took about three days and is being used for the catechesis of the children of the school. There is a small representation of Lalibela, Gondar, Axum etc. which makes the crib exceptionally attractive and colourful.

Published:     09-01-2017

St. Stephen's Feast celebrated in Adamitullu

Adamitullu: 15th January was certainly a day of great joy and merry for the people in and around Adamittullu as the parish church of St. Stephen celebrated its patron saint on this second Sunday of Christmas season.  

The Feast day Mass which began at 9 am, celebrated by Abba Tesfaye the Parish priest and con celebrated by the priests from the neighbouring communities, was attended by hundreds of people who came from near and far, even as far as some of the outstations of the parish church of Zway.  All those who came to take part in the feast was deeply impressed by the melodious singing which was done by the choirs of Adamitullu and Mekanissa.  This was an evident sign of the collaboration and family spirit that exists between the Salesian parishes.  After the Mass there was Eucharistic adoration in which all the faithful participated with great devotion.  Later on there was a sumptuous lunch offered by the community to all those who came to take part in the feast day celebration.  

Published:     16-01-2017

Workshop for accountants concludes in Salesianum

Addis Abeba: A five workshop for the finance persons organized by the PDO comes to a fruitful conclusion at the Salesianum in Addis Abeba.  Of the five day workshop, four days were intended exclusively for the finance person who were gathered from the various Salesian houses in Ethiopia.  

There were more than 25 persons who took part in the workshop which aimed at giving a support for the finance persons of the various Salesian houses, insisting upon the need for accountability and transparency in the accounting sector. The workshop also saw to the providing of some practical helps to the accountants in order to have a smooth reporting between the Catholic Church, Ethiopian Government and the Provincial Economer. Some practical exercises were given to the participants like: setting up a payroll, account reconciliation, converting a Peach tree report to Excel and PDF, modifying and designing a financial statement etc. The various interventions that were held by Brother Cesare, Mr. Henok, Mr. Alemseged, Mr. Berhanu insisted on the role, duties and responsibilities of accountants in keeping the record of all financial transactions of projects, school administration, community matters and various sectors. It was deemed very much important to work in synergy with Economer, Rector and various sectors of the community. It was also very much opportune that there was the visit of the procurator of Missioni Don Bosco Turin, Brother Giampietro Pettenon to Ethiopia and the input he delivered at the occasion was very much appreciated by all the participants. The final day of the workshop saw the presence of all the Salesian economers from the various houses who also came to join the meeting along with their accountants. The collaboration between lay people and the salesians was very much insisted at every intervention on the final day. The workshop ended on a happy note as all the participants were grateful to PDO for the work accomplished during the week which would definitely help them out in their future work as accountants and administrators.

Published:     31-01-2017

Feast of Don Bosco at the Salesianum

Addis Abeba: It was a unique occasion for the whole Salesian family as they gathered at the Salesianum to celebrate the feast of their founder St. John Bosco on 31 January 2017.  The gathering began with the Solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Nuncio Apostolic Mons. Bianco Luigi.  

There were more than 20 priests who con-celebrated the Eucharist along with him and more than 150 people took part in the Eucharistic celebration.  The singing was taken up under the leadership of the Salesian novices from Debrezeit and the postulants of the Salesian sisters in Addis Abeba.  Immediately after the Eucharist, there was the Solemn dinner for all the invited guests in which nearly 200 people took part.  Everyone who came for the celebration were in some way or other connected with the Salesian mission and were extremely grateful to the Salesians for the wonderful work accomplished by the religious order inside the country especially in the field of education.  At the end of the dinner Abba Angelo Regazzo entertained the guests with few traditional party songs and the celebration ended on a happy note.  

Published:     02-02-2017

Missionary frontier of Pugnido, Gambella

Pugnido - Pugnido is a village in the territory of Gambela, Ethiopia, on the border with South Sudan. Gambela, despite the poverty of structures, represents an extreme outpost of the Western world, while Pugnido is really a frontier.

The Salesian Brother Giampietro Pettenon, President of Don Bosco Missions of Turin, recently made a trip to the region.

At Gambela there is a great Salesian work which includes a parish, a Salesian Oratory, a school from first to tenth year, a higher professional institute and a hostel for boarders. 

The Salesians Fr Filippo Perin and Fr Giorgio Pontiggia have been working in the Pugnido mission for several years. There, the temperature is over 40 ° C every day, and malaria is widespread. There is no running water, there are no public services. People live by cultivating the land and raising small farm animals. "They have no TV, computers, newspapers or car! It is a subsistence economy in which people do not die of hunger, but certainly does not bring any development," says Bro. Pettenon.

One good thing, however, is that there are no orphans. When a child is deprived of the parents, then an uncle or a sister immediately takes care of them and keeps them at home. Street children without parents are a big-city phenomenon.

The Salesians run a parish with a church, an oratory, a nursery school, a hostel for 60 boys and girls, plus another 11 chapels spread throughout the surrounding area and no fewer than 6 chapels in the two refugee camps located within the parish territory.

With the help of a generous benefactor of Don Bosco Missions, Fr Perin has installed a battery of photovoltaic panels: now electricity is free throughout the day and even at night, if the recharge during the day is more than the requirements of the work.

Still with the help of Don Bosco Missions, Fr Perin bought a mill, which allows the community to grind cereals. A volleyball court was built and a well dug for the local community.

But the needs are still many. The projects being planned include a fruit-tree plantation in a large plot next to the Church, the construction of a shed to allow the students to eat together indoors and a multipurpose hall for the needs of the community.

Published:     12-02-2017

New administrative block inaugurated in Mekanissa

Mekanissa: 1 March 2017, became another red-letter day for Don Bosco Mekanissa, as the new administrative block, part of the extension of the high school, was inaugurated in the presence of several dignitaries. 

The chief guest of honor was Mons. Pier Giacomo Grampa the bishop of Luganowho had made possible the completion of the new building through the project “New Flower in Africa”.  The new block has been completed with perfection and will serve as an administrative block for the entire campus of Mekanissa Don Bosco.  The new block includes several offices, classrooms, a mini multi-purpose hall which will benefit all the beneficiaries of the project at Mekanissa. With the building of the new administrative block, all the offices from the residence will be moved here, leaving thus a private space for the confreres in the part of the community.  Br. Cesare, the PDO Director thanked the project head of the project and Mons. Pier Giacomo for the valuable help extended towards the Salesians in the various parts of the country, especially in the field of the construction of the schools.  After the inauguration ceremony there followed a lunch for all the invited guests

Published:     14-03-2017

Don Bosco Mekanissa mourns for seven of its students

Mekanissa: Don Bosco Mekanissa is mourning for seven of its students who were killed in a giant landslide at Ethiopia's largest rubbish dump last weekend, on 11 March 2017.  The tragedy left more than 115 people dead with entire families including children buried alive in the tragedy.  According to the local news channels, the rescue operation is still going on.  

Security personnel and rescuers are trying their level best to locate any possible survivors, while searching for the dead.  Many of the victims were squatters who scavenged for a living in the 30-hectare dump.  Among the students from Don Bosco, were two from the center of Donato, one from the elementary school, two from the junior school, and two from the high school. Apart from this, one of the workers of Don Bosco lost his entire family including his parents and relatives, leaving him totally alone.  

On Friday, 17 March the Don Bosco campus held a mourning ceremony to pray for the victims of the tragic accident.  The entire campus consisting of more than 2000 students were seen to be living up in total silence to pay their homage to their companions, with lighted candles and bouquets of flowers.  The scene was certainly very touching and many teachers found themselves without words to console the weeping students.  

The landfill is the country's largest and home to perhaps hundreds of people who collected recyclables that were trucked in from neighbourhoods around the city of about 4 million people. Koshe, whose name means "dirt" in local slang, was closed last year by city authorities who asked people to move to the new dump site outside Addis Abeba, but opposition from people living near the new site forced authorities to reverse their decision. 

Published:     18-03-2017

AET Province bids farewell to Br. Mellese

Addis Abeba: It was with great shock that the province of AET and the whole family members of Br. Mellese received the shocking news of his sudden demise on 8th April 2017.  Br. Mellese was a lay brother, who had been a student of Computer Science in France.  

He had almost completed his Master's Degree in France and was about to return to his mother province in the month of June to take his new appointment as director of a school in the province.   The reason for his death was diagnosed to be Aortic Dissection.  Following the tragic news of his death the provincial, Abba Estifanos Gebremeskel and Br. Cesare left for France to see to the further arrangements for his funeral.  The dead body of Br. Mellese arrived in Ethiopia on 21 April.  The dead body was received in Gothara the provincial house on the same night and the following day the body was taken to Zway for burial.  A large crowd of people attended the funeral at Zway, among which many were salesians, friends and family members of Br. Mellese.  All the Salesian houses of Ethiopia were represented at the funeral.  Abuna Abraha of Meki Vicariate and Abuna Roberto of Awassa vicariate were also present for the funeral.  Certainly the death of Mellese has left a great void in our hearts.  But the words of our Constitutions come to our aid: “Death for the Salesian in made bright by the hope of entering into the joy of his Lord, and when it happens that a salesian dies working for souls, the Congregation has won a great triumph.”

Published:     20-05-2017

Debrezeit holds the 10th meeting of the Past Pupils

Debrezeit: The 10th meeting of the Past Pupils of Debrezeit took place on 30 April, 2017.  There were more than 12 Past Pupils who attended the meeting.  The topic in discussion for the meeting was on the Strenna 2017, which was on Family.  All the Past Pupils present felt the ambient of family in the community and were inspired to share on the given topic.

Published:     20-05-2017

Don Bosco India and Don Bosco Ethiopia join hands in Vocational Training

Mekanissa: One of the missions of the "Print Your Future" project, a dream project of the VIS realized in Ethiopia, has been offering tools and the opportunities for students and laborers in graphic industry to improve their knowledge and skills to express it best in their workplaces and to share it with their colleagues.  With this vision, Don Bosco Mekanissa organized a course in graphic design and layout in Photoshop and In design and another course in printing technology and maintenance of machines.  

The great novelty was that the course became a reality thanks to the collaboration of the graphic school DON BOSCO IMAGE, KOCHI-INDIA. Indian professors came to share their experiences and professionalism with enthusiasm and passion. The courses were attended by more than 60 people, including students from Don Bosco Mekanissa, members of the Graphic Arts and Press Association and TVET agency professionals. 

The course witnessed two weeks of total immersion in the training to create a good graphic product. Professors proved to be able to convey graphic knowledge by going beyond cultural differences and language difficulties by creating a synergistic team of work and collaboration with all the participants. Although the courses started from basic content respecting the level of professional knowledge of all the participants, the final result was good and satisfactory. Eventually the students received a certificate and in turn, they presented with exquisitely cultural gifts expressing their gratitude and appreciation and their will to make the treasures of what they had already learned.

On May 18, took place the inauguration and blessing of the new building of Don Bosco Mekanissa Printing and Graphics unite, which was realized with the collaboration and supervision of the VIS and the Salesians in Ethiopia thanks to the donation of the Italian Foreign Ministry and the Italian Bishops' Conference. Local and international authorities such as the Italian Ambassador to Addis Ababa GIUSEPPE MISTRETTA, Mons. Luigi Bianco, the Apostolic Nuncio, Director of TVET Capacity Building Directorate Ato Bizuneh Adugna, and many other invited guests.

Published:     20-05-2017

Spiritual renewal for AET with Fr. Pascual Chavez

Addis Abeba: It was indeed a moment of grace for the entire province of AET as the Rector Major Emeritus Rev. Fr. Pascual Chavez was in the province to animate two sets of Spiritual retreats for the entire Salesian Family in Ethiopia. The retreat participants included from the Salesian fathers, Salesian sisters, Sisters of MSMHOC, volunteers and cooperators, from the various houses in the country and even abroad as was the case with the Salesian sisters who also included sisters from South Sudan.  The retreats were held in two locations as Debrezeit and Dilla from 14 to 21 and 23 to 29 respectively. "For this is the will of God, your Sanctification", a quote from the letter of St. Paul to the Thessalonians set the whole tone for the retreat.  Fr. Pascual having been Rector Major for two terms and one term as President of the Conference of Superiors' General, with his wide knowledge of the Congregation and the Consecrated Life in general was able to animate the groups to an experience of conversion and renewal through many reflections from Pope Francis and the previous rector majors like Fr. Vigano and Fr. Vecchi.  It was a lived experience of the paternity of Don Bosco for the entire group of the participants and everyone left the retreat house with the determination to live more fully and actively the wonderful charism of Don Bosco.  May God bless Fr. Pascual with His choicest blessings. 

Published:     03-06-2017

Feast of Mary Help of Christians at Dilla

Dilla: "Have devotion to Mary Help of Christians and you will see what miracles are", these words of Don Bosco becomes a reality at every Feast of MHOC in the various Salesian parishes in the Salesian world.  This year too, it was witnessed in a living manner at Don Bosco Dilla, in the South Sidamo region, where hundreds of faithful gathered to honor Mary under the title of Mary Help of Christians on 24 May 2017.  The celebrations began with the solemn procession carrying the statue of Mary from the Sisters' compound, to the Parish church with a colorful group of children and young people, singing praises of Mary, spreading flowers all along the way, while the adults and elderly kept reciting the decades of the Holy Rosary all along the procession.  Upon reaching the Church the statue of Mary was received with honor inside the parish church. The solemn Eucharist was presided over by the newly appointed Bishop of Hawassa Abuna Roberto Bergamaschi SDB who invited the people to increase their love towards their heavenly who is ever ready to assist them in their life journey.  The presence of Fr. Chavez SDB who was also present in Dilla to preach the retreat added special honor to the entire feast.  After the solemn Eucharist there was lunch offered for all the faithful of the parish which was attended by hundreds of people.  

Published:     03-06-2017

Former Salesians gather at Salesianum

Addis Abeba: "Please don't call us ex-salesians, we have still the Salesian spirit within us.  Don Bosco is still alive in our hearts", these were the words and sentiments of everyone who participated the gathering of the former Salesians which was held at the Salesianum in Addis Abeba on 4th June 2017.  The meeting was scheduled to begin at 11 in the morning and was to proceed with the Eucharist Celebration at 12 and then followed by lunch.

 But as it was seen that the members were so interested in sharing and reminiscing their past experience with the Salesians, there had to be some changes in the time-table.  There were more than 15 former Salesians who attended the meeting at Gothara, where there was also present the Provincial, Vicar, Youth Ministry delegate and Abba Samuel, the in-charge for the Past pupils.  The meeting was certainly a long awaited one and every one who were present expressed their joy and happiness in being part of the family once again.  In his inaugural speech the Provincial expressed his great satisfaction and joy in seeing the members and reminded them of the great responsibility that they have in witnessing and living in their lives, the great values they have imbibed in the Salesian settings.  There was also a moment of sharing for the members and everyone shared so spontaneously how the Salesian formation had contributed so much in their upbringing.  Some representatives were chosen for the further contacts and the group decided to have frequent meetings in the future as to decide what would be the objective and aim of such a gathering.  The group decided to call themselves "Associates of Don Bosco" instead of the redundant terminology "Ex-Salesians".   The meeting was later ended with the Eucharistic celebration which was presided over by revered Fr. Estifanos, the provincial.  

Published:     07-06-2017

Past Pupils' gathering at Mekanissa

Mekanissa: It was indeed a red-letter day in the history of Don Bosco Mekanissa as more than 50 past pupils of various centers of Don Bosco in Ethiopia gathered together for a day of sharing and being together on Sunday, 4th June 2017.  Even though it was on a short notice, the confreres of the community especially Abba Hailemariam, Br. Endalk and Br. Dagmawi set out to contact all the Past Pupils in all earnestness.  

Their efforts were certainly not in vain as a good number of past pupils responded to the invitation with great interest and enthusiasm. Even though the meeting was scheduled to begin at 2 pm, already by 1'0 clock many cars and vehicles were lining up in the compound.  The gathering witnessed the participation of a wide variety of 'Don Bosco Products' ranging from well-established level 1 Contractors to freshly graduated students from universities.  The one characteristic common to all of them was that they were truly happy and contented of their formation at Don Bosco.  After a moment of input regarding the identity of Don Bosco Past Pupil, and Past Pupil in the mind of Don Bosco, there was a time of sharing regarding the expectations of the Salesians regarding the Past Pupils and the past pupils from the Salesians.  The meeting was ended with nominating of contact persons for each center and the group dispersed with the desire and determination to carry on in the future the initiative already begun.  

Published:     07-06-2017

Graduation at Bosco children Mekanissa

Mekanissa – Jomo: 1st July 2017 was indeed a memorable day in the history of Bosco Children as they had the graduation of more than 63 of their students who included both boarders and also the externals.  The program began at 9 am and saw the participation of many invited guests and well-wishers of Bosco Children. 

Among the invited guests there was Fr. Estifanos Gebremeskel, the Provincial, Brother Cesare Bullo the PDO Director, Abba Mario the Economer and many others.  During the graduation ceremony Abba Yohannes the Rector of the house, gave a briefing about the Bosco Children Project.  From its foundation in 2002, the institute has been offering training in various skills like Automotive, Bamboo, Woodwork, Metal work, Kitchen and Hotel, Leather etc.  In the span of last 16 years 188 children have joined the orientation program, professioanal and psychological counselling has been offered to more than 85 child prisoners, 15 students have got informal academic education, 76 students have received informal academic education, 160 children have been reintegrated into the family and the society and every year more than 88 children reside at the center.  More than all other years, this year has been a special one, as three children of the group who joined the center in 2004 are graduated in different universities. Kindale Kassa:- degree in political science from Addis Ababa University, Getu Bogale:- degree in Health officer from Addis Ababa University, Yidnekachew Habtamu:- degree in computer science from Bule-Hora University.   In his felicitating speech, Abba Yohannes reminded the young graduates that the graduation was only a turning point, a point in which they conclude one aspect (the intellectual aspect) of their life journey and start another phase of their life, it is the beginning of change in life. The ceremony ended with a note of thanks from the y

Published:     02-07-2017

7 New Salesians for Ethiopia

Debrezeit: As usual per the custom, this year too on 8th September, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception 7 novices professed the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, in the presence of a large number of people who included friend, relatives and well-wishers who had come various parts of the country.

The original batch of the novices consisted of 8 novices but it was only 7 who made it to the last point.  The newly professed members of the Congregation appeared extremely happy and satisfied and was thankful to God and the Congregation for this great moment in their life.  Abba Ignacio, the Novice Master too was more than happy to see the seven newly professed Salesians as they gave their total Yes to the Lord. The Eucharist began at 10 am presided over by the Provincial, Fr. Estifanos. After the Eucharist celebration, there was a solemn lunch arranged for all the invited guests.  

Published:     04-10-2017

Seminar on Salesian Pedagogy at Mekanissa

Mekanissa: A two day seminar was organized for the teachers and supporting staff of Don Bosco Mekanissa on 12 and 13 of October.  The seminar was a long awaited one as plans for it were already in the process many months ago.  The seminar was conducted by Abba Samuel Abraha SDB, the director of the Don Bosco School of Soddo and currently holds the position as the in charge for Youth Centers in Ethiopia.  Fr. Samuel is well appreciated in the province as he has been going around in various schools and parishes giving seminar and workshops on similar topic.  In Mekanissa too, the seminar of Abba Samuel was highly appreciated by all the participants.  Fr. Samuel touched upon the key topics of Salesian Pedagogy and Preventive System insisting with the teachers that Don Bosco's preventive system was not only a pedagogy but also a spirituality to be followed by the students as well as the teachers.  The teachers expressed their appreciation by requesting such workshops more often in the school.  Certainly the seminar has given a boost to the teachers to be more committed and dedicated in the formation of the young people.  

Published:     18-10-2017

The Almighty has done great things for us!

Meki: "The Almighty has done great things for us! Holy is His name". These were the sentiments of everyone present at the Platinum jubilee of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians, commonly known as the 'Ferrando Sisters'.  The event was participated by a large crowd of people who came from near and far to felicitate the sisters on the occasion of their jubilee. 

The presence of the two bishops, Bp. Roberto of Hawassa and Bp. Abraham of Meki was indeed a sign of their appreciation and love towards this young congregation that has made its entry into the country less than five years ago.  The function began at 8 am with the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by the Bishop of the Vicariate Mons. Abraham.  In his homily, he mentioned at length the history of the Congregation and its wide-spread growth all over the Indian Sub-continent and even abroad.  The presence of the congregation in Ethiopia is certainly making a great wave as the sisters have already begun another house in Arsinegalli, which is the second convent in the Vicariate.  

Published:     26-10-2017

Effective prevention of Youth Problems, half-day study in Salesianum

Addis Abeba: The law of the lever says that if an appropriate fulcrum is found, then a small force is sufficient to lift a very heavy object - so heavy that it would be impossible to lift without the lever. The sever levers of effective prevention focus on tackling the youth problems especially in the context of the European youth. The study however provides an effective tool for making a similar survey in the context of Africa and more so in Ethiopia.
The study was carried out by Mr. Szymon Grzelak, an expert on the topic from Poland. The forum for the intervention was created at the Salesianum as there was already the meeting of the Youth Center directors and Vocation Promoters from the various houses. As a meeting was already foreseen with the Executive Committee of CMRS, they too joined the seminar. Several effective steps were presented by the expert and the audience too intervened with many questions of clarification and deepening the topic. A survey and study on youth situation in Ethiopia is underway taken up by the CMRS. The guidebook that the experts have presented to us will definitely serve as a reference material for the research.

Published:     29-10-2017

Practical Trainees conclude their meeting in Salesianum

Addis Abeba: A three days meeting of the Practical Trainees comes to a conclusion in the Salesianum, Addis Abeba. 13 Practical trainees from the various houses of the province gathered together for this annual meet. The meeting was actually scheduled for last month and had to be postponed to November due to some other appointments. The entire meetings session was conducted in an open atmosphere of sharing and cordiality, animated by rev. Fr. Chrys Saldhana.
Unlike the previous times, this time the meeting was entirely conducted in the Salesianum itself. Several useful topics like the personal plan of life, Authority, relationship with lay people, formation etc were touched upon during the days of meeting. Everyone of the participants was really happy and contented with the whole program and expressed their satisfaction for such initiatives of the province. On the final day, Fr. Provincial too found some time to be with the young confreres to discuss and to talk with them openly on several issues that were pertaining to them. The presence of Fr. Chavez too during those days in the province was certainly an added reason for joy and enthusiasm in the province.

Published:     13-11-2017

TVET Directors meet in Addis Abeba

Addis Abeba: on 15 and 16 November was held the meeting of the TVET Directors in the Salesianum at Addis Abeba. The meeting saw the active participation of all the representatives from the 6 Technical schools in Ethiopia, which included Adwa, Mekelle, Dilla, Gambella, Bosco Children and Bosco Children. The meeting was held in the absence of Abba Lijo Vadakken, the in charge of Youth Ministry. But in his absence, the new coordinator Mr. Alemseged took over and guided the meeting to a beautiful result.
The first day of the meeting dealt with the pre-planned agenda which had several topics in discussion like the need of unified strategy for TVET programs on the province level, improving the quality of TVET programs in our centres, common guidelines for our centres like the Manual etc, sharing of the best practices from the centres, strengthening the cooperation with stakeholders ect. On the second day, 16 November was dedicated for the visit of Selam Childrens' Village, an institution that has been repeatedly applauded for their success in the TVET sector. The visit was very much appreciated by all the participants as it was also an opportunity to meet and discuss with the various stake holders and re-establish our bond of relationship with them.

Published:     18-11-2017

2nd National Conference on Human Trafficking in Addis

Addis Abeba: A National Conference on the topic of “STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING” was organised by the PDO at the Salesianum in Addis Abeba on 13 December 2017. The conference was conducted with all the stakeholders working in this area of Human Trafficking like the Ethiopian Catholic Church, VIDES, Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI). The project entitled "Humans, not slaves" was entirely sponsored by the Italian Bishops' Conference. The Salesian province of AET had been actively present in the campaign against the human trafficking for the past two years.
The main objective of the Conference was to make a final evaluation of the campaign that was launched two years ago in collaboration with four major dioceses in Ethiopia, namely the Diocese of Addis Ababa, Diocese of Meki, Diocese of Adigrat and Diocese of Gambella. The project now had reached its second phase, which had its first stage, focused fully on the awareness campaign and the second stage which saw the awareness creation and the need assessment. The Conference was moderated and brought ahead by Dr. Antonio Raimondi the consultant and Ms. Meaza Tesfagiorgis who was the general coordinator of the project.
Despite the high risk of irregular migration, people, especially the youth are still irregularly migrating, where many of them end up in the hands of human traffickers. These people still choose to migrate and risk death rather than stay at home and try to look the opportunities that they have in their own country. Salesians of Don Bosco in addition to showing the dangers and consequences of irregular migration and human trafficking has been also sensitising the target groups, in a way which is possible to help them to bring behavioral changes on their work habits in their own country.

The Cardinal Brehane Yesus Surafiel, Bishop Abraham Desta, Mons Hrvoje Skrlec, the secretary to the the Apostolic Nuncio to Ethiopia, Don Leonardo di Mauro (CEI), Dr. Beppe Magri etc. were present at the national conference. After a brief welcome by Rev. Fr. Estifanos, the provincial of AET and an Introduction by brother Cesare Bullo the Executive Director of PDO, there were the presentations of the project implementation results and outcomes of the various vicariates. After their brief presentations there was the input of Dr. Abebaw from the Addis Abeba University on the topic of “Way Forward Comments and Implementation on Human Trafficking” which gave a concise summary of the reasons leading to illegal migration, the factors favouring it and challenges in mitigating the phenomenon.

The afternoon session mainly focused on the question and answers from the participants and stakeholders on the way forward. As a result of this campaign the outcome was greatly consoling. It was noted that more than 5 million had been reached the awareness, a great human capital had been created to do the work of campaign against human trafficking, a set of tools like leaflets, booklets, pamphlets audio visual aids etc has been made to realize the campaign, the need assessment has been made in the various regions. Certainly the conference will be a great help in answering the urgent needs of the young people of Ethiopia especially in the context of Human Trafficking and illegal migration.

Published:     16-12-2017

Salesian Parish Priests meet up in Addis

Addis Abeba: On 12 January was held the first meeting of the Parish Priests for the new Scholastic Year 2017-2018. Even though the number to participate in the meeting would have been 6, due to some inconveniences three of them could not make it for the meeting and as a result there were only three parish priests, along with Abba Lijo who is the Youth Ministry Delegate.

The meeting began with a prayer by Abba Lijo. Immediately after the prayer and a brief introduction by him, the Provincial Fr. Estifanos gave the words of welcoming. He asked the participants to be in tune with the entire Church, the upcoming Synod on Young People. The Church is losing a lot of young people and we as Salesians need to be concerned about it he reminded the participants. He also insisted on the need to have vocational groups in our parishes if we were really interested in getting vocations from our own parishes. He also asked the parish priests to take seriously the considerations of AMECEA at our parish level. He stressed at length on the importance of unity between the tribes, appreciating the differences and the ability to grow together especially at this time of clashes between tribes and ethnicities. He also spoke about the need to create a small booklet where we can mark the various events and common appointments and initiatives of the various salesian parishes. He spoke of the model of Nigeria which could be taken for us as a sample.

After the intervention of the Provincial Abba Aristide gave the group a beautiful input on the Characteristics of a Salesian Parish taken from the conference of Fr. Dominique in the Youth Ministry Frame of Reference. He spoke at length on the charism of Salesian parishes and what makes it really different a Salesian Parish setting from other settings. After his intervention there was a brief moment for clarifying and discussing on the points presented. Since only three parishes were present we couldn’t share anything in deep. Towards the end, Abba Aristide distributed the last part of the Strenna which deals about the vocational Animation on the hope that the parish priests could make use of it in the various parish apostolates. The meeting was adjourned before lunch

Published:     21-01-2018

Salesian Parish Priests meet up in Addis

Addis Abeba: On 12 January was held the first meeting of the Parish Priests for the new Scholastic Year 2017-2018. Even though the number to participate in the meeting would have been 6, due to some inconveniences three of them could not make it for the meeting and as a result there were only three parish priests, along with Abba Lijo who is the Youth Ministry Delegate.

The meeting began with a prayer by Abba Lijo. Immediately after the prayer and a brief introduction by him, the Provincial Fr. Estifanos gave the words of welcoming. He asked the participants to be in tune with the entire Church, the upcoming Synod on Young People. The Church is losing a lot of young people and we as Salesians need to be concerned about it he reminded the participants. He also insisted on the need to have vocational groups in our parishes if we were really interested in getting vocations from our own parishes. He also asked the parish priests to take seriously the considerations of AMECEA at our parish level. He stressed at length on the importance of unity between the tribes, appreciating the differences and the ability to grow together especially at this time of clashes between tribes and ethnicities. He also spoke about the need to create a small booklet where we can mark the various events and common appointments and initiatives of the various salesian parishes. He spoke of the model of Nigeria which could be taken for us as a sample.

After the intervention of the Provincial Abba Aristide gave the group a beautiful input on the Characteristics of a Salesian Parish taken from the conference of Fr. Dominique in the Youth Ministry Frame of Reference. He spoke at length on the charism of Salesian parishes and what makes it really different a Salesian Parish setting from other settings. After his intervention there was a brief moment for clarifying and discussing on the points presented. Since only three parishes were present we couldn’t s

Published:     21-01-2017

Rectors and Economers meet at Salesianum

Addis Abeba: Two days of meeting was held at the Salesianum, Addis Abeba for the Rectors and Economers of AET province. The meeting was on 23 -24 January. More than 25 confreres participated in the meeting, with the exception of few confreres who could not make it due to some inconveniences. The main agenda of the meeting was to speak about the issue of self-sustainability.

A discussion at length was made on the different steps that the communities have taken in regard to the self-sustainability, the resources that are available in the various communities which can help in arriving to self-sustainability. Several ideas were shared in the area of self-sustainability and ways were suggested as to how the ideas could be implemented in our houses. There was also a moment for Abba Chrys who presented two of his books to the confreres. Abba Mario, the provincial economer also presented the Financial Ethical Code to the confreres of the province. Brother Cesare also presented the Strategic Plan for 2019-2023.

Published:     24-02-2018

13 Months Solar Power; new venture for Salesians in Ethiopia

Mekanissa: In an effort to walk in the path of Self-sustainability and become a self-supporting province, the AET province of Ethiopia in the East African region is becoming a stunning model as it has launched a Solar campaign in the province almost two years ago. The Solar campaign which took the shape of the “13 Months of Solar Power in Ethiopia Project” was totally funded by the ADA (Austrian Development Agency).

The project included the installation of solar panels in many of the salesian centers, ‘Training of the Trainers’ program carried out in many TVET colleges of the province, Solar awareness campaign in the academic schools through leaflets and pamphlets, Symposiums and discussions held at national level on the topic of renewable energy, in addition to the solar departments opened in the four technical schools run by the Salesians in Ethiopia, namely Adwa, Mekanissa, Dilla and Gambella.

From 22nd January to 02nd February was held a two weeks training program for all the federal TVET teachers of Ethiopia. The training was entirely coordinated by Br. Christof Baum SDB, Mr. Alemseged from PDO and two electric teachers from Don Bosco Adwa TVET college. The training program saw the active participation of 26 representatives who had come from the various regions of Ethiopia. The training program aimed at equipping the electric teachers in the various TVET centers to be able to teach Solar technology to their students by themselves. It also focused in giving the students enough knowledge, so that they can start their own business and get income by installation, repairing and maintenance of the solar system which is taking fast momentum in Ethiopia.

The content of the training included renewable and non-renewable energy, Effect of CO2 on the climate change, Electric energy generation in Ethiopia, situation of electricity in the rural areas of Ethiopia etc. The training was highly appreciated by all the participants who attended the course and thanked the Salesians of Don Bosco and the PDO and the Public TVET agency in taking such initiatives and making it possible and accessible for such a group of participants at a larger scale.

The training also becomes very relevant for Ethiopia, as a good majority still live in the rural areas and there is a rising need to come out of the darkness in the evening. With the use of small solar lantern, the people get enough light without smoke and any health problems. With the solar systems the people are also able to charge their mobiles and other gadgets without travelling to the next bigger village for these facilities.

The project is still on till the end of 2018. So much has been accomplished in such a short time. Much more is yet to come but the Salesians are happy to be part of making the country to go more and more organic and energy saving.

Published:     04-02-2018

TEAM VISIT begins in Nairobi

Nairobi: Warm embraces, smiles, handshakes and slaps on the shoulders ... In an atmosphere of typically Salesian joy, with many Salesians who meet again several years after the last appointment, begins today, Tuesday 20 February, at the spiritual house of the "Dimess Sisters" in Karen, near Nairobi, Kenya, the Visit to the Salesian region "Africa-Madagascar". The summits of the 13 Salesian districts, including Provinces and Vice Provinces, of the region, for a total of more than 90 Salesians,met in Nairobi to reflect together with the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, and his Councilors on the state of the region and its perspectives, under the motto: "Re-design of Salesian Presences".

Yesterday, Monday 19 February, Don Á.F. Artime, was honored with the performance of various popular songs by the band "Don Bosco Boys Town". The Rector Major, for his part, thanked the young people for their performance and talked about the good memories he still keeps of his visit to Kenya, which took place about nine months ago. Then, speaking to everyone present, he thanked them for their presence and expressed the hope that these 4 days of serious and profound reflection will be able to arouse enthusiasm and fruitful work for the region.

The actual work of the Team Visit began this morning, Tuesday 20 February. After the morning mass and the greeting by the Superior of the host province, Fr Simon Lipuku Asira, the first official intervention was paid by Don Á.F. Artime, which showed the objectives of the Team Visit - the eighth that is being achieved in this six-year period.

The morning continued with the presentation by the Regional Councilor, Fr Américo Chaquisse, who illustrated both the statistics on the Salesian presence in the region, and an organic reading of the main challenges and the corresponding paths to be pursued to address them.

The program of the day also includes the intervention of the Vicar of the Rector Major, Fr Francesco Cereda, with a report on the redesign of presences; and in the afternoon, that of Fr Guillermo Basañes, General Councilor for the Missions.

The day closes with work in inter-provincial groups, a meeting of the Assembly on these works and the end-of-day intervention by the Rector Major. ANS.

The provincial council of AET along with the provincial Abba Estifanos Gebremeskel is present for the team visit in Nairobi

Published:     21-02-2018

New App for Don Bosco Bulletin in Ethiopia

Addis Abeba: The Social Communication Department of AET is happy to announce about the launching of the new Salesian Bulletin App on the Google Play Store. The App was launched almost two weeks ago developed by an Indian based company in collaboration with the Salesians of Don Bosco in Ethiopia. The App is totally free now for download for Android Phones on Google Play Store and a new version for iPhones is being developed.

Anyone wishing to download the APP can simply go to the Google play store and type “Don Bosco Bulletin Ethiopia”, and then clicking the download button the download begins. The App has two parts. The part of the Bulletin which is a quarterly publication from the province and the other part consists of all the newsletters that the provincial writes to the confreres every month. Both the Bulletins and the Newsletters are available in PDF format. The new initiative is certainly a great step forward in making the Salesian message reach the young people which forms more than 70 percent of the Ethiopian population, which is also the second largest nation in the African continent.

Published:     21-02-2018

"The option for the poor young people is in our Salesian DNA" - Kenya

(ANS - Nairobi) - The participants in the Africa-Madagascar Region Visit have experienced the second day of work, yesterday, 21 February, reflecting on the question posed by the General Councilor for Formation, Fr. Ivo Coelho, in the homily of the Morning Eucharist: "How can we be credible signs of God's love for the young?" The two morning sessions were dedicated to a profound reflection on the quality of the training. With his intervention, Fr. Coelho urged the representatives of the entire region to pay attention to the two dimensions of Salesian consecrated life:

laical and clerical, once again reiterating that each confrere is first Salesian and then a priest or coadjutor. In the context of ongoing formation he asked the Superiors and their Councils to contribute to the personnel of the Regional Salesian Permanent Training Center (SAFCAM, in English), erected in Nairobi with the approval of the Rector Major. And, in conclusion, he also spoke about the importance of training for trainers.

In the end, Don Coelho left three open questions for the reflection of all those present: Salesian representatives from all over Africa and Madagascar confronted themselves on the roots of the crisis of the vocation of the Salesian coadjutor; have indicated that they use multiple criteria for the choice of trainers, not just academic achievements; and have made proposals on collaboration with the laity, including that of carrying out a joint formation between lay and consecrated persons.

At the end of the session on Salesian Formation, the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, recalled that he always considered the young poor as priorities for the Salesian mission. "Being a Salesian means preferring poor youth. This is our DNA, "he said. And as regards the laity he added that administrative tasks should be delegated to them.

In the afternoon sessions the starting point was offered by the report of the General Bursar, Mr. Jean Paul Muller. In his speech, Mr. Muller stressed that the economy should always be made available to the mission and indicated that it is necessary to check whether the educational works offered really meet the needs of the labor market that awaits the young. He concluded by stating that young people do not believe so much in words, but in facts, and that the "Valdocco model" remains an inspiration for all Salesian presences.

The General Econome was followed by Fr TJ George, Director of the technical-professional training project "DBTECH-Africa", who informed about the numerous technical-professional training programs already launched all over the continent, and made available of Superiors and their Councils for other future initiatives at the service of young Africans.

The second day of work was then concluded with a final session of reflection and proposals on how to offer a better service to the young and, finally, with the intervention of synthesis by the Rector Major.

Published:     22-02-2018

AET rejoices at the Perpetual Profession of Cl. Amanuel in Kenya

Nairobi: 26 February was a day of jubilation for AET as one of its sons made his perpetual commitment to the Lord by professing vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. The function took place in the presence of many provincials and superiors of Africa and Madagascar region who had gathered for the Team Visit and Curatorium at Nairobi. As a preparation for the great event there was a day of recollection preached by Fr. Silvio Roggia at the Resurrection Garden in Nairobi.

The religious ceremony of the Profession began at 6 pm with the Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Rev. Fr. Estifanos Gebremeskel, the provincial of Ethiopia. In his homily he gave a beautiful description of the history of Monasticism which began in 7th century in Ethiopia and its great relevance in the socio-cultural background of the country in the African continent.

The liturgy was beautifully arranged under the leadership of Fr. James, in charge of Liturgy at Don Bosco Utume. At the end of the Eucharist Cl. Amanuel also expressed his gratitude for the fine way the event was organized by the community of Utume. After the solemn Eucharist there was a festive supper organized for all the invited guests, friends and well-wishers of Cl. Amanuel. Towards the end of the supper, Abba Estifanos too expressed his sentiments of appreciation to the community especially thanked the formation guides for their tireless efforts to form the young salesians. Fr. Michael, the Rector of the theologate too gave his vote of thanks and appreciated the presence of everyone who had come to take part in the event.

Published:     01-03-2018

Salesian Cooperators meet in the Salesianum

Addis Abeba: On 04th March 2018, the Salesian Cooperators met together in the Salesianum at Gotera for their monthly meeting. The meeting began with the prayer led by the President of the Salesian Cooperators Mr. Tessemma. After the brief prayer, the input of the day was given by Fr. Chrys Saldhana who gave an impressive input on planning mentality. He spoke extensively on 'what is a plan?', 'why a plan?', and 'how to draw up a plan?'.

Taking up some practical situations, Fr. Chrys gave insights into setting up a goal, and how to arrive at lines of actions through a process of situation analysis, drawing up objectives, finding causes and roots of the problem. The input was highly appreciated by every participant. After the presentation of Fr. Chrys there was a special session by Abba Isidoro for the aspirants to Salesian cooperators. In the end there was also the presentation of the draft of the annual action plan of the Salesian cooperators.

Published:     04-03-2018

Listening and Moving: Meeting with young people in Mekelle and Zway

Zway: "Listening and Moving", was the title of the one day encounter organised for young people in the north (Makelle) and south (Zway) by the Youth Ministry Department of AET. Abba Isidoro Apostoli the provincial vicar and Abba Lijo Vadakken the Youth Ministry delegate were the responsible behind the organisation of such a meet. The meeting focused on meeting with young people from various walks of life of different religious backgrounds to discuss the various questions proposed in the pre-synodal final document.

An email was sent by the Provincial vicar to all the various houses of the province asking them to send three to four representatives of young people to the meeting. The meeting witnessed an active participation of the young people both in the north and in the south. The young people were invited to speak on various topics like formation of personal identity, relationship with others, relationship with technology, preoccupations of the future, relationship with Jesus and with the Church, vocational sense of life etc. In the south, there was also the presence of Abba Samuel Abreha, the in charge for the youth centers and oratories which added special tone to the meeting. Apart for an initial resistance in regard to sharing of personal issues, the young people later showed a remarkable openness in discussing various issues. The afternoon session was meant for answering the questionnaire that was made for the occasion. The questionnaire was also used at the Youth Festival that was conducted in the vicariate of Gambella. The overall impression of the youth meet was very positive and all of them expressed the opinion to have these kind of meetings more often in the future. The results of the meetings will be gathered together and sent to the Pope through Abuna Roberto Bergamaschi who will be the official representative of Bishops to the Synod in the Vatican.

Published:     18-04-2018

Technology at the Service of the Mission

Rome: A seminar has begun yesterday, Monday 16 April, for the leaders and operators of the Salesian Missionary Offices, the Planning and Development Offices, the foundations and other Salesian Organizations involved in communication activities, funds and promotion of development. The theme of the seminar is digital marketing, "Technology at the service of the mission" the chosen motto. At the seminar, held until next Saturday, April 21, at the "Fraterna Domus" of Sacrofano, near Rome, 65 people participate, representing NGOs and structures of the Salesian Family of all five continents.

In the first working session the basics of digital interaction and the basics to develop a digital marketing program were examined: from the analysis of the ease of navigation of the institutional website, to the reading of the statistics on their web visitors, to digital campaigns. dedicated to specific projects ...

The same these was discussed in the second session of the seminar, in which the most evolved resources and tools currently available were examined, with reference also, but not only, to the use of social networks. In the morning session of today's second day, the work focuses on how to develop adequate fundraising strategies, while in the afternoon focuses on 5 practical advice, aimed at coordinating in the best possible way the wide range of communication, marketing and promotion activities that various realities already traditionally contemplate.

On the third and fourth day of work, the opportunities to work together will be discussed - taking also for example development agencies and structures with similar characteristics and dimension to the salesian network - and the advantages deriving from collective work will be illustrated. In this way we will proceed to identify proposals and programs on which we can work together; a list of priority initiatives and possibilities will be created and a roadmap will be set up to implement an increasingly integrated and effective service between the various companies. In an increasingly "competitive" context between NGOs and associative realities, and increasingly mediated by digital technologies, being able to seize the maximum from available resources becomes a fundamental factor in order to benefit the most needy children and young people on the planet. Brother Cesare Bullo, the PDO director, Abba Lijo Vadakken the delegate for Social Communications and Mr. Surafel the staff of PDO are attending the 4 days meeting in Rome.

"It is not enough to do good, we must do it well", says a famous proverb. The salesian network is working to do it at its best.

Published:     18-04-2018

“Quality Education, our priority”, the Provincial reminds the young clerics.

Debrezeit: From 1 to 3 of May was held a meeting of the Practical trainees as part of their initial formation. The meeting began in the provincial house with a session from the volunteer of Amici del Sidamo Ms. Laura who invited the clerics to reflect upon their call to be generous and offer free service to the young people who are in need. She also gave them an idea of the work that was being carried out in Nigat which is a center opened for the women on the street.

The second part of the meeting was held in Debrezeit under the guidance of Abba Isidoro who animated the group in different moments of prayer and sharing. There was also an intervention from the Provincial Abba Estifanos who spoke to the clerics who spoke to the clerics about the Quality Education campaign that will be carried out by the AET province in the coming years. The Second day was dedicated for a walking picnic to Zukala, a nearby mountain which was a moment of sharing and fraternity for all the clerics. The third and final day was animated by Abba Lijo, the Youth Ministry Delegate of the province who also gave the clerics an idea of the Quality Education Campaign of the province through the video that has been produced by the province in this regard. Later there was a moment of discussion and sharing among the clerics on the same topic of quality education. The meeting was concluded with a sumptuous lunch at the Pyramid restaurant in Debrezeit town.

Published:     15-05-2018

“His Passport was Love of God” remembrance of Abba Elio at Zway

Zway: 13th May was a red letter day in the history of Zway Don Bosco, as it commemorated the 25th anniversary of the death of Abba Elio, the great Italian missionary who had worked and died in Zway 25 years ago. The Italian missionary had left a beautiful memory in the hearts of people which was evident from the hundreds of people young and old that were present to mark this day at Zway. People from all walks of life, belonging to different religions and denominations were already at the Don Bosco compound starting from the previous day to prepare the place and surroundings for this great occasion.

During the Holy Eucharist which was presided over by Abuna Abraham Desta, his excellency exhorted the faithful to remember the beautiful legacy left behind by Abba Elio which had borne much fruit in making Zway an oasis of peace and harmony today after 25 years. "His passport was Love of God, which made him to leave his own beloved nation and become part of Ethiopia", the Bishop reminded the people. After the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration there was a football match between the Salesians and friends of Abba Elio, which was followed by moments of fraternity, cultural programs and lunch for all the people of the locality and the invited guests. We thank God for the gift of Abba Elio to Ethiopia and ask the Almighty to bless our province with many more zealous vocations after the example of Abba Elio.

Published:     15-05-2018

"Don't forget your Salesian Roots", Abba Samuel reminds the Past Pupils

Adigrat: Feeling once again part of the Salesian Family, it was a home-coming feeling for all the Past-pupils who had gathered on 4 May for a friendly get-together at Don Bosco Gola', Adigrat. The meeting was organized by Abba Sebhat Hadgu, the Rector of the Post-novitiate house at the request of Abba Samuel Abraha who holds the role of animating the Past-Pupils' Association in the province of AET. The meeting was part of the series of other gatherings of Past-pupils that were already done in the province in various houses.

During the meeting the participants were exhorted to never forget their Salesian roots but be always proud to keep their Salesian identity as Salesian Past-pupils. During the discussion that followed many of the Past Pupils expressed their gratitude for having received the Salesian formation and were happy in their life to be always known as alumni of Don Bosco. Abba Samuel also led them to a fruitful discussion as to in what way they could be contributing towards the society in as much as spreading the Salesian charism. After about three hours of get-together the participants dispersed with renewed enthusiasm to continue their work, being ambassadors of Don Bosco wherever they are.

Published:     15-05-2018

Mary Help of Christians celebrated at Mekanissa

Mekanissa: It was a public witness of the devotion of hundreds of people as they gathered together at the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians to celebrate the Feast of MHOC on 24th May, Thursday. Even though it was a week day, there wasn't any lessening of the number of faithful that came to celebrate the feast at the Shrine. The Mass was scheduled for 7.30 am presided over by the Cardinal, his eminence Berhane Yesus Surafel.

By the time the Solemn Eucharistic began, the church was overfilled with the faithful that had gathered from the near and far away parishes. It was a beautiful testimony of faith of the lay people. The parishners of the Shrine too had tried their very best to create a welcome atmosphere in the parish to accommodate all the faithful. In the homily, the Cardinal was also highly appreciative of all the service that the Salesians were doing inside the country, both the fathers and the sisters. After the Mass there was sumptuous lunch prepared for all the people that had gathered.

Published:     25-05-2018

Abba Temesgen defends his MA Thesis in the Philippians

Philippians: Abba Temesgen Petros, a member of AET province, who had been doing his Master Degree in Education with Major in Educational leadership and Educational management in the Philippians, successfully defends his thesis. The title of the thesis was: LEARNING ACHIEVEMENT STORIES OF DON BOSCO CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL IN ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA.

In the words of Temesgen, the study was conducted to understand, identify, and to interpret the learning achievement stories of the students of Don Bosco Catholic High School in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.The study was conducted during February 10 - May 27, 2017. The participants were the achieved students, alumni, teachers, parents and management of the school. The participants also described their learning achievement stories, and what factors influenced them to achieve in learning. The study revealed that the factors that influenced the students to achieve in learning were: the instructional leadership, classroom management, dreams and aspirations, positive home-school relationship, co-curricular and club activities, school facilities, moral ethics subject, Saturday and summer tutorial classes and conducive learning environment. The participants also described that the school was educating the learners for life. All the participants felt that they were highly influenced by the human values and quality of education being offered at Don Bosco Catholic High School in Addis Ababa Ethiopia throughout the academic year. Based on the study made on the students, Abba Temesgen also gives the following recommendations:

1. Designing Curriculum for Moral Ethics subject and for SAT class

2. Stating and promoting clear vision, mission, core values, and school philosophy

3. Updating the library with local literature

4. Strengthening club activities

Published:     15-06-2018

Sport for Development: TVET Championship Kicks Off in Addis Abeb

Entoto, Addis Abeba: The first ‘Sport for Development Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Championships’ has kicked off today 8th June 2018 at the Entoto technical vocational college. Organized by Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA), programme implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Development Cooperation, together with the Addis Ababa TVET Bureau, the tournament will bring together ten colleges and TVET training centers in Addis Ababa.

Sport can be used to promote education, health, development and peace across the world. It helps young people acquire important life and social skills, boost their confidence and increase willingness to take on responsibility. Sport for Development in Africa project has been making important contributions to the ‘More Space for Sport – 1,000 Chances for Africa”, a German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development initiative that aims to use sport as an important tool to bring positive changes in sub-Saharan Africa. The project in partnership with Ethiopian TVET agency, used sport as an instrument to promote quality vocational education. It provided sport infrastructure and equipment as well as support for specialized life-skills through sport training. Furthermore, the project helped more than 100,000 children and young people get access to sports by rehabilitating 35 sports grounds throughout the country. It has given sport for development training for 65 TVET teachers. The ‘Sport for Development TVET Championship’ aims to promote the importance of sport for development by teaching the young population important life skills and preparing them for the labor market. Notes to editors ‘More Space for Sport – 1,000 Chances for Africa’ initiative was launched in 2014 by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. It aims at providing a framework in which the various partners can work together to open up new opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people. German development cooperation is implementing sport-related programmes in several areas – especially education, health, violence prevention, inclusion and gender equality. Sport for Development in Africa project began establishing sport as a tool for achieving development goals in selected African countries in 2014. Sport for Development in Ethiopia, focuses on promoting vocational education through ‘Sport for Development’ approach. The project works closely with existing vocational education projects currently being implemented by German Development Cooperation. As partner to GIZ mainly on the sport for development approach, Salesians of Don Bosco have benefited as new sport fields are constructed and maintenance work to old fields has been taken place in almost all Salesian Cneters in the Country. For ‘Sport for Development TVET Championship’ the Salesians of Don Bosco is represented by our twoTVET centers; Bosco children and Mekanissa. The capacity development in the form of various soft skill training is going well as GIZ is organizing various training events in all Salesian Communities which after training GIZ continue providing some sport materials and training manuals.

Published:     15-06-2018

'Bosco Children Project' in Addis celebrates 10th anniversary

Addis Abeba: "Bosco Children Project" in Addis Abeba celebrates 10 years of its existence. The Bosco Children project has been giving a concrete and efficient answer to the street children problem that has remarkably increased in the last fifteen years in Ethiopia especially in the capital city Addis Abeba. The socio-economical situation, broken families, different ethnic conflicts and the spreading of HIV are the most plausible causes of this phenomenon.

In front of this growing situation, the Salesians of Don Bosco, together with lay volunteers and other collaborators are striving to give an adequate answer by trying to achieve: rehabilitation of street children through education and technical schools, reintegration into the family and society, wherever possible; daily sharing in a general counselling service.

The entire process followed at the Bosco Children center is through a process of three steps.

1st step: Meeting on the street - The street is the setting where the first contact takes place in an informal way that creates a relationship between the social worker and the children.

2nd step: Orientation program - Bearing in mind and respecting their personal choices, children have opportunities for safe accommodation with daily meals, orientation, counselling, health care, literacy program and skills training offered to them.

3rd step: Institutional care program - One-to-one follow up and counselling, skills training courses (bamboo, automotive, leather, metal work, wood work, food preparation), personal rehabilitative program for each child, academic programs, guidance and follow-up for social integration etc.

Needless to say, the presence of Bosco Children project in Addis Abeba is very much appreciated by the locals as well as the government officials. The presence of hundreds of officials and well-wishers on the day of graduation which took place on 23 June 2018 was a visible sign of this appreciation from their part.

Published:     24-06-2018

SYM Gathering at Bosco Children Mekanissa

Mekanissa – Addis Abeba: The SYM gathering for the province of AET was organized from 11 to 13 July at Bosco Children center, Mekanissa. The event saw the active participation of over 300 young people gathered from the various Salesian houses of the province. The Salesian province of AET in the corn of Africa comprising of the entire country of Ethiopia was begun in 1975 and has at the moment 14 Salesian presences catering to thousands of young people all over the country.

The SYM gathering was aimed at the animators of the various oratories, making it possible for the young people to meet together, share the best practices of their oratories and plan for the future initiatives. The FMA sisters too participated in the event bringing their own contribution through the active and agile involvement of the girls. There were several program organized for the youth like the input sessions, quiz program, inter-oratory tournaments, prayer sessions etc. The gathering had the theme of the strenna, “Sir, give me this water”. A new song in Amharic on Don Bosco was composed for the occasion and all the oratories were asked to prepare choreography for the song. All the oratories prepared also a drama on the theme of the strenna which was really impressive as the young people put all their efforts in The event concluded on a positive note as the young people returned to their respective oratories with lots of enthusiasm and a spirit of initiative.

Published:     14-07-2018

19th AMECEA Plenary Assembly kicks off in Don Bosco Campus in Addis Abeba

Addis Abeba: Catholic Bishops from the AMECEA (Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa) Region have converged in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the 19th AMECEA plenary which began on Friday, 13th July, 2018. The 19th AMECEA plenary, has brought together about 100 bishops from the AMECEA region, and is expected to end on Monday, 23rd July, 2018. It will be held under the theme, “Vibrant Diversity, Equal Dignity, Peaceful Unity in God in the AMECEA Region”.

The grand opening ceremony of the AMECEA Plenary was scheduled to be held in the Millenium hall in Addis Abeba on Sunday, 15 July 2018. But due to the sudden change of events, the millennium hall could not be accessed for hosting the event. Immediately the Ethiopian Catholic Bishops’ Conference approached the Salesians if such an event could have the Don Bosco Campus as its venue. The Salesians, even though were little apprehensive in the beginning, later on gave their consent to host the event. Needless to say, the event was a grand success in which more than 8000 people from over 13 vicariates participated . According to the Deputy Secretary General of AMECEA, Rev. Fr. Chris Ndaga the plenary will feature six agenda items: Spiritual Recollection for the Bishops; the Official Opening Ceremony of the Plenary; Workshop by the Dicastery on the Promotion of Integral Human Development, Study Session, Business Session and the Closing Ceremony. Each Agenda of the plenary will be held under a different sub-theme. The Spiritual Recollection for the Bishops will run under the sub-theme Solidarity and Communion while the Opening Ceremony of the plenary, which will be launched in a grand Eucharistic Celebration, will be held under the sub-theme, Celebrating Vibrant Diversity. The Workshop by the Dicastery on the Promotion of Integral Human Development will run under the sub-theme, AMECEA championing for Integral Human Development. On the other hand, the Study Session and Business Session, which will be held from 18-21st July, 2018 will be held under the sub-themes, Peaceful Coexistence and Unity as well as Sustainability of AMECEA Institutions and Ownership of AMECEA Institutions respectively. The Closing ceremony for the Plenary will be held on Sunday 22nd July 2018 under the sub-theme Celebrating Our Oneness. This is the first time for Ethiopia to host the AMECEA Plenary. Meanwhile, delegates from different Church institutions are also taking part in the 10 day-plenary including: delegates from Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), Missio AACHEN, Roman Curia, United States Conference of Catholic Bishop (USCCB), SIGNIS, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and CAMECO. Others are Church in Need, International Missionary Society, Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA), International Young Christian Society African Coordination Team, International Young Christian Workers Coordination Team and CAFOD among others.

Published:     16-07-2018

Sacred Heart Salesian Church opens to public in Hawassa

Hawassa: After almost a year of Salesian presence in the vicariate of Hawassa, the Salesian chapel dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was opened for the public of Hawassa on 11th August, 2018. The compound of the Salesians in Hawassa, comprising of the Chapel, Salesian residence, multipurpose hall and class rooms had been a gift from the previous bishop of Hawassa Vicariate. At the sudden demise of the previous Apostolic Vicar, Abuna Giovanni Miglioratti, the vicariate, which is the biggest vicariate of Ethiopia, was entrusted to the Salesians with Abuna Roberto Bergamaschi SDB as it’s newly elected Bishop. As soon as the Vicariate was entrusted to the Salesians, the Salesian Province of AET also made its move to assist its confrere by opening up the Salesian presence in the vicariate. The Salesian presence in the vicariate is aimed specifically at assisting the University students, study facilities for young SDB confreres and offering chaplaincy services to the nearby religious institutions.

The opening ceremony which took place in the presence of many religious and priests and hundreds of laity gathered from the various parishes of the vicariate was indeed a welcome gesture from the part of the people of the locality. Hawassa town which is situated on the shores of Lake Awasa in the Great Rift Valley, is located 273 km south of Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia. The town is also home to one of the biggest universities in Ethiopia which is also certainly the focus for the Salesian presence in this growing city. During his homily, Abuna Roberto SDB expressed his great satisfaction in having his Salesian community in the vicariate and expressed his hope that it would really boost up the pastoral activities in the vicariate. The ceremony concluded with a shared meal for all the people gathered.

Published:     15-08-2018

AET rejoices at the First Profession of its only novice

Debrezeit: 26th August was a joyful day for the province of AET as Novice Dereje Jarra, the only novice in the province made his first commitment to the Lord. Even though the year was begun with three novices, during the year two of them left the noviciate leaving Dereje alone to complete the year. The ceremony of the First Profession was held at the Debrezeit noviciate chapel in the presence of the Provincial, Abba Estifanos Gebremeskel,

Vicar and many other friends and well-wishers. During his thanksgiving speech the newly professed thanked the Almighty for the gift of his vocation and at the same time asked the community to support him in his vocational journey with prayers.

Published:     18-09-2018

Jubilee celebrations at the Salesianum in Addis Abeba

Addis Abeba: On 29th August was held at the Salesianum the jubilee of four confreres of AET province, Abba Gabriel Larreta who celebrated 75 years of Profession, Brother Cesare Bullo 60 years of Profession, Abba Mario Robustellini 50 years of Profession and Abba Tesfaye Kidane 25 years of Profession. The celebration was initiated with the Eucharist presided over by the Nuncio Apostolic Mons. Luigi Bianco. After the Mass there was a sumptuous dinner for all the invited guests and well-wishers.

The Cardinal His Eminence Berhane Yesus Surafel too joined for the dinner. During the felicitation speech, Abba Alfred Roca enumerated the great qualities of the four jubilarians and reminded the community about the providential way in which these confreres had come into the congregation. We thank the Almighty for the gift of these confreres and we raise our prayers for their good health and cheer.

Published:     18-09-2018

Great rejoicing for the Salesians as Ethiopia-Eritrea boarder opens after 20 years

Mekelle: Ethiopians and Eritreans have been celebrating the reopening of two key crossing points more than 20 years after a border war shut them. Hundreds of people from the two countries hugged each other and some wept as their leaders led celebrations to mark the reopening. The same was the feelings also for the Salesians as the confreres from Eritrea visited the house of Makelle in Ethiopia on 15 September 2018.

The meeting was a very cordial one as the confreres met with the provincial of Ethiopia, Don Estifanos Gebremeskel and Brother Cesare Bullo along with other confreres of the community of Makelle. The group consisted of two perpetually professed confreres, three priests and Abba Petros Abraha, who is the superior of the delegation. “This is a home-coming for us, we are so moved and touched to see these places which has lot of emotional attachment for us” said Abba Petros, who leads the Eritrean delegation at this moment. The two countries had been together as a single province, but due to the tensed political situations, the countries had been separated a few years ago, leaving Ethiopia to be a single province of AET and Eritrea directly under the Generalate at Rome. Even though not really sure as regards the future mingling of the two countries to form a single province, the political re-joining has evoked a sense of excitement of joy and jubilation among the people and especially among the confreres of the two countries. The re-joining of the two countries has coincided with the Ethiopian New Year, adding to the festive atmosphere in the country.

Published:     20-09-2018

IVECO rewards two sons of Don Bosco

Bosco Children, Addis Abeba: Amanuel and Demelash, that's how they call themselves, two boys who would have just ended up on the streets of Addis but thanks to the great work carried out by Salesians of Don Bosco at Bosco Children, that they found a welcome home in the house of Don Bosco. Both of them had been inmates of Bosco Children in Addis Abeba, a center for rehabilitation for vulnerable children on the street.

Both the students had been frequenting the Automotive course organized by the IVECO, and had excelled academically. The presence of Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy on 13 October, was a welcome occasion to reward the excellence of these two outstanding students and both of them were awarded in the presence of many invited guests, for their outstanding performance. In the photo are seen Brother Cesare Bullo, the PDO director of AET and Abba Angelo Regazzo, economer of Bosco Children where these two boys are residents.

Published:     15-10-2018

AET rejoices at the ordination of two new priests

Mekanissa – Addis Abeba: The Vice-province of AET is in jubilation as two of its deacons, Dn. Asmare Legesse and Dn. Desta Welde were ordained priests on 17 November 2018. The event was organized at the Salesian Community of Don Bosco Mekanissa, Addis Abeba in the beautiful shrine of Mary Help of Christians. The two deacons were ordained by Bishop Roberto Bergamaschi SDB, the Vicar Apostolic of Hawassa Vicariate. The deacons had successfully completed their Theological Studies at the Salesian Theologate of Ratisbonne, Israel and had been already assigned to the communities of Gambella and Adamittullu respectively. Several friends, well-wishers and family members attended the prayerful ceremony in which the newly ordained priests too expressed their gratitude to God and to the Congregation for all the love and care that they have received throughout the formation time. After a few days of thanksgiving Masses in the various communities of the vice province they will be back to their respective communities to begin their apostolic activity assigned to them. We accompany them with our prayers.

Published:     20-11-2018

AET rejoices at the ordination of two new priests

Mekanissa – Addis Abeba: The Vice-province of AET is in jubilation as two of its deacons, Dn. Asmare Legesse and Dn. Desta Welde were ordained priests on 17 November 2018. The event was organized at the Salesian Community of Don Bosco Mekanissa, Addis Abeba in the beautiful shrine of Mary Help of Christians. The two deacons were ordained by Bishop Roberto Bergamaschi SDB, the Vicar Apostolic of Hawassa Vicariate.

The deacons had successfully completed their Theological Studies at the Salesian Theologate of Ratisbonne, Israel and had been already assigned to the communities of Gambella and Adamittullu respectively. Several friends, well-wishers and family members attended the prayerful ceremony in which the newly ordained priests too expressed their gratitude to God and to the Congregation for all the love and care that they have received throughout the formation time. After a few days of thanksgiving Masses in the various communities of the vice province they will be back to their respective communities to begin their apostolic activity assigned to them. We accompany them with our prayers.

Published:     20-11-2018

Capacity building Training held at Salesianum

Addis Abeba: A capacity building training was held at Salesianum, Gotera from 24 December to 28 December 2018. The training was part of the 13 Months' Solar Power Program which has been a three-year project that has been working mainly on training the youth in Photovoltaic home system, installation of solar system for SDB TVET centers and awareness raising on the importance of solar energy. The capacity training was mainly for project personnel from 14 Salesian houses of the province. The training was conducted on the topic of Project Cycle Management and Monitoring and Evaluation.

All in all the participants were 20 from the various houses such as Bosco Children, Addis Abeba, Mekanissa, Debre-zeit, Zway, Hawassa, Dilla, Soddo, Mekelle, Adwa, Adigrat and Gambella. The training was blessed and opened by Fr. Provincial Fr. Estifanos Gebremeskel and PDO Executive Director Brother Cesare Bullo.

The training aimed at equipping the project personnel of the Province with the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude towards better project management and result based project monitoring and evaluation. At the end of the training all the participants were able to acquire and understanding on result based project management, logical framework and the skills to use long frame on their work for planning, implementing and monitoring of projects and establish monitoring and evaluation.

Published:     06-01-2019

Grade 12 students in DB Dilla makes Christmas memorable

Dilla: The grade 12 students of Dilla had an idea of helping the 500 kids of the feeding center. By volunteer basis some took turns in tutoring them in their studies. And they also wanted to give gifts for Christmas. So they decided to do fund raising. They collected 1 birr each every friday from students of grades 9-12 since the start of the school year up until the last Friday of December 2018.

They sold tickets for fund raising to everybody in the school. Many bought the tickets and the most number of buyers were from the elementary students.

With the money they collected, they were able to buy clothes for every kid in the feeding center. On 4th December they had the Christmas party with the kids. The grade 12 students with some grade 8 students organised themselves for the party. Some distributed clothes. Others helped the kitchen mamas in cooking. Some assisted in rearranging the dining hall. Others helped in distributing meals. Everybody felt happy, most especially the grade 12 students who had this initiative. They had been preparing for this since the beginning of the scholastic year. Fr. Rector, Abba Tesfaye Kidane was also very happy because the idea had come from the students themselves and they themselves organised everything. There was just one teacher/advisor who monitored them so as not to go over board their enthusiasm. She really guided the student very well, according to Fr. Rector. This is the first time that this kind of activity has been done in Dilla and we are hoping that it is just the beginning of many initiatives from our students who in their own way help other kids too. It is a concrete example of Youth serving Youth, a true Salesian spirit. And hopefully when they get older they still continue to help others in need. A value which Salesians want their past pupils to have Altruism, men and women for others.

Published:     06-01-2019

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